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24 August 2008 @ 09:46 pm
Watching TSSC: "What He Beheld" again. Damn, this episode is awesome. We were just flicking through - I'd forgotten it was on - and we had to watch it all the way through, again. I'm buying the dvds tomorrow - *grabby hands*

Hubby and I got the parents to watch Rugrat while we went to see Dark Knight in IMAX. We figured the movie's been out, what, six weeks now, so it wouldn't be hard to get tickets. However, the only seats left were the first two rows. And the first two rows of an IMAX show SUCK (much worse than the first two rows of an ordinary movie theater because the screen is so tall above your head). So no IMAX Batman for me this week either. Bummer. Man, I want to see that - the first twenty minutes (including the first main action sequence) were shot with IMAX cameras specifically and it's supposed to be amazing.

I have so many stories that are THIS CLOSE. And I've worked on NONE of them the past few weeks of Olympics mania/rugrat vacation. *sigh* One more week. and then SCHOOL STARTS YAYAYAYAYAY!

okay, so it's only three days and a really shortened schedule - that's not the point!

(my sympathies to the teachers on my flist - but let me repeat for the parents - YAAYAYAYAYAY!)