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21 June 2008 @ 10:17 pm
Hot Hot Heat  
Hot and sticky again today. But strangely more tolerable, maybe I'm getting used to it. Or I just wasn't out in it as much.

We went inland to a GI Joe/military toy con. Didn't stay long (it's not my thing, and it's not really hubby's but he enjoys the nostalgia of having the toys when he was a kid). I did see some interesting 12" LotR model kits/action figures that I'd never seen before. They were made in Hong Kong, apparently, by a company that usually does military-type figures (and some dolls for Infernal Affairs III, amusingly enough). The figures came with just the under-clothes (like Legolas' silvery shirt) on the body, and the rest of the clothing and accessories were packed separately for you to put on yourself. I was way too tempted to buy the Legolas just to complete my collection of 12" Legolas toys (I am such a sad completist) - BUT I REFUSED TO GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION.


(also the likeness was terrible, and the weapons were cheaply painted. But still, if it'd been cheaper I would've bought it, just to have one I could take out and put the clothes on. My Sideshow Premium Format fig I don't even want to get my fingerprints on the box. *am neurotic, I know*)


I got a new cellphone the other day, and I put the James Bond theme on it as my ringtone. I LOVE IT. It gives me great joy - even though I hate Verizon almost as much as I hate Time Warner Cable. Kidlet also likes it and wants me to play it all the time.