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The BSG Emmy show

There was a full page ad in the Emmy section of the LA Times today for the Cineramadome show. (yes, we have a special section of the paper for awards. We are that special. *snort*) They're certainly getting mileage out of the Last Supper Photo. But it's nice to see effort.

I note that the ad is careful to say a full-length preview -- can you imagine if they only showed the teaser like they do on Fridays? heh. Riot in the theater! I intend to hide in a cave for two days, because I really don't want 'Revelations' blown for me. Two days is short enough to hold out. I think.

Anyway, in the paper's section on 'buzz' for the various acting categories, Mary McDonnell is in the "Favorites" section with Sally Field and Glenn Close among others, which is awesome. (EJO and Katee are in the Possible groupings and no one else is mentioned) maybe MM will pull out a nom this year? How cool would that be? (I am however, not holding my breath)

They also have about half the Lost cast listed in the supporting actor category. I hope Michael Emerson gets a nom -- out of everyone on that show he's been the most impressive to me, this season. It's nice when a character actor gets some recognition besides, rather than just the pretty people.
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