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24 May 2008 @ 10:47 pm
Watching Apocalypse Now is doing weird things to my brain... but Wee!Harrison Ford FTW!


The L.A. Times printed Mary McNamara's HILARIOUS REVIEW of Hallmark Channel's, "Shark Swarm." And let's just say... Skiffy doesn't have a lock on bad creature features...

Every once in a while, a bit of television comes along that is just so terrible it must be viewed by large numbers of people, preferably those over the drinking age. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Shark Swarm," a two-part, three-hour Hallmark Channel Original Movie Event that really must be seen to be believed. Blood-sucking real estate developers, heroic environ- mentalists, toxin-maddened sharks, Daryl Hannah -- "Shark Swarm" has something for everyone. The only thing missing are the wise-cracking robots from "Mystery Science Theater 3000," but that's where you the viewer come in. And may I recommend, for those not in recovery, having a very large bottle of tequila handy.

And that's just the first paragraph of the review! *giggles*


And I finally made Fic Index Sticky Post, so I can just keep track of it more sensibly. Yay for organization!