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04 May 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Weekend report  
Man I'm SO ready for Monday. I know that seems backwards, but this one was a bit much. Fun, but much.

Iron Man did 100 million this weekend. Frak. I figured it'd do well, but not that well.

Go JAZZ! (even if I don't actually believe they'll win the series -- such a bad fan!)

I have many thoughts about "BSG: Road Less Traveled." But in general: Kara and Her Special Destiny Band, YAY! Gonna watch it again.

Now I'm sure people long since found this, but for those who never noticed before (like me *g*), here's one extremely amusing tidbit from the miniseries that I stumbled on while looking for something else:

Baltar: I'm thinking someone else may have to be implicated as a
Cylon agent. (looking at Doral)

Six: Him? He doesn't seem the type. And I don't remember
seeing him at the Cylon parties.


Those Cylons (even fake ones) always going to parties...
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