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06 April 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Sunday, almost Monday  
Good job, Skiffy, about getting all that username problem on the forums straightened out before the game came along and KILLED YOU DED. Yeah. And also, I'm sure it's not a new phenomenon, but there are some really fantastically LAME ASS threads that people open up in the wake of the episode. Man, it makes me scurry back to TWOP where at least the stupid is corralled.

Speaking of, I'm still writing up my commentary on BSG. I found a lot to meander about (and also, no time to write). But yes, I really liked it. I think it lays down some interesting threads to follow for the season with a lot of intrinsic conflict. dare I say they actually HAVE A PLAN? hee.

Saturday we went to a cute little museum near the airport with lots of model planes and memorabilia and stuff. Short One enjoyed it a lot, and got to impress one of the docent/organizer men with his knowledge of the Hindenburg and how hydrogen blows up but helium doesn't.

Then today we went to get supplies and then spent the afternoon gardening. well, MrLiz replaced the grill tank and cleaned it, while me and MiniCylon planted some basil and beans in containers, which he seemed to enjoy too. I enjoyed finding the giant ant nest a lot less, as the water used for washing off last years pots made a gazillion ants come pouring out. Then there was another nest in the empty area of the garden my Mini-centurion and I were going to plant peas and carrots. We were too dry this winter so the nests really flourished, instead of getting flooded out. The ants aren't any scary kind, thankfully, just zillions of wee black ones.

But other than the ants, it was a nice afternoon, with really beautiful weather. And then we ate Argentine empanadas for dinner. yum.

I would like my writing muse to come back now,k?

I have cookies....
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mrsdrjackson: Love so completemrsdrjackson on April 9th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
Your little one is so cute and smart!

Yay green things! I saw a single blade of green grass on my way to work yesterday, it gives me hope.

I'll trade you spearmint and basil seedlings for the cookies. :P