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14 March 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Ark of Truth  
Finally sat down and watched the DVD (after buying it Tuesday). I've been very diligent about avoiding other reactions and comments, so I went into the movie not knowing anything more about it than the back of the box more or less. AND YAY!

Mountain porn! I'm sorry, but I am a sucker for those kind of shots. Snow and rock and high peaks and guh. So beautiful, both in the opening credits and Teal'c's Long March of Awesomeness. (it couldn't have been contemporaneous but WHATEVER. It wasn't as far as it looked, that's all. Mountain porn, 'kay?)

Daniel and Vala and Tomin and the Prior. Well played, y'all.

I like Tomin a lot, I always have actually. I've seen Tim Guinee in other things and I think he's a really good actor. He brings an earnestness to Tomin that works for me. His talk with Teal'c -- or really, Teal'c's talk to him -- was great. Seeing Teal'c, all these years later (and it's way more years for him, remember), still affected so strongly by his time as First Prime, was just fascinating, but it's made him wise with hard truths that he's trying to impart on Tomin.

Vala was beautiful and kind with him too. I love how they have a grown up relationship - they love each other, but they have to let go and go where they belong, make up for their pasts in their own ways. She may be moving on, but she still cares, and that's the way of life. I thought they were well done. (and that part when she was listening to him and Daniel (I think both, but certainly Tomin) scream just broke my heart)

End of the Ori! yay! Replicators, boo! But being totally unspoiled for their appearance I admit it was very creepy to watch the bug form-- I am apparently well-trained by my time in Stargate-land. What did Jack say? "I hate these guys!" something like that. Yeah me too. It's kind of a visceral thing. O was glad when they were all destroyed, but not unhappy to see them get re-aired (so long as they're gone again). Interesting Terminator-ish bug-skeleton. That was different.

And hey, Ancients finally getting off their glowy asses and doing something. Or at least one of them. *rolls eyes* I loved how Daniel's SO over their pretentious b.s. I still think not cleaning up their own mess is a billion levels of wrong, but I've ranted about the Ancients and their suckitude for years now. Hopefully they are GONE GONE GONE now.

Poor Cam, always getting the crap kicked out of him. Sam had some of the best lines -- "Ooooo no, it's all yours!" I don't think she was a full colonel yet, though, or she'd be CO (unless MItchell's a bird too? I didn't notice any rank symbols on anybody.) Anyway, whatever, Mitchell was clearly IOA's pick, on the theory he was supposed to be more sympatico for Merrick, I guess. Merrick's was such a little toad. I did think he was written out when he got attacked actually, so when he came back got a definite *oh! gross!* reaction.

Anyway, skipping past the disgusting bit to the awesomeness!

OMG infirmary scene! It's like the complete reverse of "Line in the Sand". Awesome. I may have squeed a little. (okay, a lot -- macaroons! She made him macaroons, and she HATES macaroons. It's love.) And my God, was Amanda just looking so fabulous or what? Most of the way through, but especially that end part. Is it the long hair or she's just more chilled out or what? I don't know, but I like it. I noticed when she was giving her suicide mission disguised as a way to destroy the supergate speech at the beginning. It looks good on her. And it was SO good to see her back at the SGC.

Me and my inner Julian Sands fangirl (what? Room with a View is one of my favorite films of all time), was pleased he got to do a little bit of something finally besides strut around in horrible makeup.

Oh, I almost forgot-- Reynolds! I enjoy that sort of thing way too much, I think. But him and Ellis and Marks and continuing characters are just more fun.

Anyway I'm sure people are picking it apart, but I don't care. That was my team and it was an adventure and I had a blast. I was actually at the computer for the first part and then I got up and planted myself in front of the t.v. because it was holding my attention that much.

So, if you hated it, I don't want to know, 'kay?

AND next time we see the team, BAAL RULES THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!
( and I will be his handmaiden and lick him all over. SG-1, go away, save the world later. We're busy.)

Or whatever. Maybe he's grocery shopping, though I kind of think not. (can you imagine Baal grocery shopping? bwahahaha) Bring on Continuum. CAN'T WAIT!

In short.... SQUEEEEEEEE!

I'd watch it again, but I need to write my Sam/Martouf Ship Manifesto for next week, and then I've got to rewatch BSG before April 4, so AoT is going to be pushed back. But I want to watch it again, and I sure can't say that about all the episodes.
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carpenyx: sg1 - daniel [grin]carpenyx on March 16th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC)
It was a delicious movie. *squeals*
mrsdrjackson: *glee*mrsdrjackson on March 20th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)

There was teamwork and cuteness and just enough action and Sam baked macaroons. My world is now complete. *g*