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03 March 2008 @ 11:00 pm
One of the women is hard as nuclear nails...the other's a cyborg  
Yes, Derek wins the dry observation quip of the evening!!! bwah

No coherent thoughts, but YAYAYAYAYYAYAY!

Sarah is an awesome mom. And she can do that cool thing sliding down a rope (and then climb back out, because she is awesome).

Derek is the best uncle ever. And he knew, and he figured it out. There's no beating that birthday present, is there? *sniffle* also not bad to look at in the shower. *ahem* Which again proves that Sarah is way the hell more awesome than I am, because... I would've looked.

Cameron is... a mediocre sister (a much better protector), but she's trying! *snerk* up until the whole 'plodey part. I want to see Terminator-at-the-prom plz.

John has become quite the hacker after being out of the technological loop for eight years... but...genius! *handwave* And while he was a bit emo over his birthday, I remember being sixteen. (and Cameron's explanation for why Sarah might have forgotten: "It was sixteen years ago." heh)

ELLISON FIGURED IT OUT! He put the pieces together. And while he underestimated the enemy a bit, he knew. And yay, he lived. (of course living is a bit... ominous. Is it just because Chromartie didn't see him as a threat - or some other more nefarious reason? )

Everybody is so GOOD.

Plus that was just a beautifully cinematic final sequence at the apartment building. worth it.

(and note to the Skiffy promo monkeys - THAT is how you make a promo, you use it to misdirect, not reveal every single thing that's going to happen).

Oh, what might have been if we'd actually gotten to see the whole season, rather than the, um, Highlights of the Original Cast Recording version. bummed.

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mrsdrjackson: Fangirl squealsmrsdrjackson on March 4th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)

Shower scene FTW! The one bad thing about watching this show with my husband...I had to keep reminding myself to not drool. Yum. *g* Sarah Connor is a better woman than both of us. ;)

The Ellison-Chromartie (possible) connection is going to produce much in the way of fanwank, meta and fic (I hope) in-between this season and next.

*slaps Skiffy promo monkeys*