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08 April 2006 @ 04:09 pm
Wombat Results are in!  
So, I went and took the "W.O.M.B.A.T." test over at JKRowling.com and got the results just now. (Have I mentioned before that I'm a Harry Potter meta 'ho? Well, I am).

Whoo Hoo! "Exceeds Expectations"! (The equivalent of a B; the best score would be Outstanding). And I didn't cheat at all. It was 'graded' very kindly, as my grasp of Potter-trivia isn't actually all that great. Like with creatures -- I didn't even recognize half the names. But apparently what I knew and what I could guess were enough to avoid an "Acceptable".

Quite fun!

(and I have no Harry Potter icons. have to make do.)
Current Mood: amusedamused
weissmanweissman on April 10th, 2006 12:41 pm (UTC)
You should check out repr0b8 LJ site, you won't be disapointed