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31 January 2008 @ 09:47 pm
t.v. thursday  
Eli Stone -- we're not watching it, but observe the power of Danny Boyle. Notice that there's now TWO actors from Trainspotting on American t.v. And Kelly Macdonald probably missed an Oscar by four votes, playing an American.

It's a particularly good year for Brits on U.S. t.v. in general, isn't it?



Apparently that end date was the best thing to every happen to the writing staff, because, damn.

Rousseau punching people out just never gets old. I could watch her beat people up all day long. *hearts* Mira so much.

So Hurley feels he was wrong to go with Locke, and yet... he's off the island AND he's apparently sharing Jack's-even-more-forward-flash that they need to go back.

How awesome was it when Hurley pitched the walkie-talkie into the sea and just started walking? Apparently the awesomeness of Hurley in the finale was not an accident.

The 'Oceanic 6' -- only SIX were rescued/survived? Jack, Kate, Hurley, whoever was in the coffin (assuming it's not Hurley), and I think I know another from some spoilers. So who's the sixth?

And my drunken t.v. boyfriend? Jin+gun=HOT

Also, Sayid+gun=hot; Desmond+gun=hot There was a whole lot of gun-toting hot in this ep.

SO much to love in this ep.

And there was new Supernatural tonight too, though it's the last one, isn't it? no! There are more. YAY!

Some of my shows are back!
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