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25 January 2008 @ 10:25 am
Wee note  
So while I listen to my OH-SO-EXCITING recordings (and iTunes keeps wanting to import them - no thanks!), I've been working on my Shagathon fic a bit. Just kind of playing with the scenes.

And it really wants to turn in to the Really True Story of How Helo Ended up Mayor of Dogsville and Zarek was Nowhere to be Found.

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with my prompt. bah.

Also, Zarek=Final Cylon? Anybody taking odds on it? I'm thinking the odds are pretty good. He's my new Number One candidate (at least for today...) He sort of slips around the edges, and he's been around from the beginning, but I've noticed people often forget to put him on the list of candidates, probably because he wasn't around much in 3.5. I am now VERY suspicious of that absence. It's like Ron's waving a flag "look over here! Ooo, Kara could be the final cylon,what do yo think of that? Isn't it cool? But pay no attention to the Vice President over there; he's really not important at all." uh huh. And I keep thinking of that moment when Head!Six leans on Zarek and tells Baltar to pay attention to him...

I am NOT avoiding anything by randomly theorizing, what makes you think that? :)

(I really have to get off line, though-- I keep getting sucked in and distracted. Off I go to someplace without net access again...)
cujoy on January 25th, 2008 07:58 pm (UTC)
Wanking the final Cylon is one of my favorite activities. :D

I am holding firm on the theory that it's Roslin. (It's that part of the Hybrid's babbling about Redemption that will only come thru terrible suffering that puts me in mind of her cancer.)

I think Zarek WAS in the second half of the season, but almost all his scenes got cut because they related to the Sagittaron storyline which was axed. (In which, I believe, Zarek would have turned out to be the big bad. That's one of the many reasons why I'm glad that storyline was axed.)

Of course, RDM is a known liar. Didn't he say "Starbuck is dead" in the Maelstrom podcast? ;)
lizardbeth: Zarek - dear Ronlizardbeth_j on January 25th, 2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
I know! Final cylon meta-ing, it's a game that just doesn't STOP being fun. I change my mind... weekly maybe. Hee. Roslin isn't in my list, mostly because I think she's like Kara, one of those the Five are meant to guide and protect, not a Cylon herself. But yeah, narratively it could work. (I still like Kendra the best for the prophecy, but, eh, prophecy, *shrug*)

Yeah, I know Zarek was going to be in Woman king (I can't even remember if he ended up in it at all - I watch the shirtless Helo and that's about it for that ep), but whatever was cut, canonically it didn't happen. (See Hero for Ron's ability to twist canon to his own purposes... ) I'll be more dubious of my theory if all those deleted scenes show up on the box set, but until then... He wasn't in any other ep that I recall, and he wasn't at the trial, which was an odd absence.

There are certainly RL reasons for it - the dropped storyline, the expense of everyone else in Crossroads that they didn't need Hatch too, BUT when you're looking to retcon, it helps when there are these weird gaps. And Zarek was on New Cap, he formed the Circle, and he certainly worked himself in a position close to all the major players, etc.

Besides, Old Skool Apollo was my first t.v. boyfriend -- how cool would it be to have him be a Cylon? *g*