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08 January 2008 @ 02:24 pm
2007 Fanfic in Review  
First, the thing I am MOST proud of this year, BY FAR:

A Stargate SG-1 Adventure Novel,
written by Lizardbeth and Lowri
SG-1 is trapped on a post-apocalyptic Alternate Earth.
GEN, 40+ chapters, over 200,000 words
Go to distortd_ref: Notes or Chapter One
Now finished posting chapter-by-chapter, and shortly will have the whole thing in a tidy downloadable format.
Please check it out!

Now to the short fic:

1. A Moment Along the Way , Sam Carter/Evan Lorne, ADULT
Carter and Lorne at the beginning of S.4 Atlantis.

2. Games People Play, Sam/Vala/Baal, ADULT
During Insiders, Sam gets tired of playing his game.

3. The Fourth of July, Sam Carter, Cassie
After the conquest of Earth, Sam tries to fight back.

4A. A Strange Alien Allure , Cam/Jonas, ADULT
4B. (and its comment!fic sequel: Cam/Jonas for Pornucopia!
After Langara falls to the Ori, Jonas flees to Earth. Cam finds himself intrigued.

SG-1 - Comment Fic:
Sam/Martouf for Pornucopia
Treasure Hunt , Sam/Cam
Destroyer of Worlds , Baal/Methos, SG-1/HL Xover, PG
If Only , Sam/Martouf, PG

Crossover BSG/SG-Atlantis
Two Tall Trees , Helo, Ronon Dex, Gen.
Ronon finds a stranger in his jail cell.

Battlestar Galactica
1A. Acceptance , Anders and Athena, PG, and its sequel:
1B. A Consensus of Two, Anders and Athena, PG
A strange and wonderful friendship, on both sides.

2. Some Way Out of Here, Anders, PG
Post Crossroads Anders seeks answers.

3. A Ripple Across the Mandala , Anders/Kara, ADULT.
Kara and Sam meet again. (AU)

4. A Shadow on the Pattern , BSG/Babylon 5 crossover, Gen, WIP,
Racetrack stumbles across a space station belonging to the Earth Alliance.

5. Holding On and Letting Go , Kara/Anders, Anders/OFC Six, R
When things get rough with Kara, Sam remembers the woman he loved and lost on Caprica: a Model Six.

6A. The Sides of the Triangle , GEN version, Helo
6B. The Sides of the Triangle , ADULT, Helo/Leoben/Cylon
Captured by the Cylons, Helo finds there are more sides to the war than he believed.

7. One Hundred Twenty Days, Falling , Gen, PG,
Anders during the Occupation.

8. All the Fun , Anders/Dee, ADULT
Post-UB, why should Kara and Lee have all the fun?

Comment fic:
Hilltop View, Anders/Kara, ADULT
Homecoming, Anders/Kara, PG
Her secret , Anders/Seelix, PG

1. Second Hand Unwinding, Gen, Markus and Jeremiah, PG, adventure
Immediately after the end of the series, the war isn't over yet.

2. If the fates allow, Gen, PG,
Christmas Eve, Markus remembers those lost.

3. A Party of One, or Two, Gen, PG
Jeremiah wonders why Markus isn't celebrating the Alliance victory.

Wheel of Time
The Honor of the Red Eagle, PG
The legendary Aemon and Eldrene of Manetheren, from the beginning to the tragic end...

I am going to hell fic
A Hot Day in the Valley, RPF, ADULT, JR Bourne/Michael Trucco

Batman Begins/X-Men Movieverse, Bruce Wayne/Scott Summers, ADULT (comment!fic)


1. If I didn't enter ficathons/comment-a-thons/etc., I would have hardly any fic to speak of. Apparently deadlines are my friend.

2. Anders took over my brain this year. I have NO BSG fic without him in it, in some sort of significant role. Even in 'Two Tall Trees' which was meant to be only Helo and Ronon, Anders crept in there. I blame seeing Michael Trucco last year and the BSG S.3 finale for this.

3. I still love me my Stargate. But I didn't finish an unprompted piece of my own.
entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on January 9th, 2008 12:36 am (UTC)
Bah. There can never be enough Anders (also, you have an unclosed tag)

Someday, I will finish all of the fic I've started...