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26 November 2007 @ 11:02 am
Burbank Con  
Oh my... this turned out... long. But it's the whole thing.

I attended the BSG/Stargate Creation Con in Burbank again last weekend, Nov 16 -18. This year was especially awesome, since I got to meet lyssie, sabaceanbabe, lucyparavel, greycoupon, mamaboolj, ebneter, and mrsMayorofDogsville from Kindreds. And some others whose fannish nicknames I didn't get.

You are all even more awesome in person. Just so's you know. :)

And as always my pictures are crap because I don't have enough zoom and the ballroom lighting is orange. My photoshop skillz are not great, but I tried to make the actors at least recognizable. There are only a handful, so not too many to suffer through. (you can find someone else's better pics when you're done)

My adventure begins...

I was going to pick up lucyparavel at the airport and we were planning to go straight up to the picket line at Universal, where some of the others already were.

Unfortunately, my house was in a state of absolute CHAOS, because we were in the midst of painting it. We hadn't even slept in the house Wed or Thurs night because of the awful paint fumes. So I was all kinds of unpacked. I'd barely finished putting the Bucs iron-on on my costume (and managed to burn my arm on the iron because I am just THAT competent) that morning, on the floor of my kid's room, because I had literally no other flat space in the house.

We're still in a state of chaos, by the way, but slightly more manageable. So anyway, we eventually make our way up to Burbank. This time I managed not to get lost like last year.

This year Creation combined the Stargate Con with the Battlestar Galactica one on the same weekend in the same place. I chose BSG because all my pals arriving were BSG people. BUT I still had a few things I wanted to do on the Stargate side, because I'm still a crazy Stargate fangirl. Luckily Creation was reasonable and the Gold Pass holders got to wander at will into the other hall, and buy any extra photo op/autographs they wanted. Once I found that out for sure, the first thing I wanted to do was a Photo Op with Carmen Argenziano in my Tok'ra costume, which I had brought with me. (except for the tripe overlay for my skirt, damn it. Forgot that part. like I said -- chaos).

So I met the others - most of the others, at least. And we found out where our seats were in the main BSG hall. But our first guest, Kate Vernon, was scheduled for the photo op time, so I missed the beginning.

I was first in the Carmen line for pictures. And he was just as sweet as I'd heard. He was the only person there who wore a sportcoat for his pictures, which was classy, I thought. Anyway, my symbiote Idarel was pleased to get some intel from Selmak on the Goa'uld invading the con (both Baal and Camulus! We really could've used more backup! Good thing Colonel Sheppard and Daniel and Jonas were around to help keep them contained!)

Then I changed in a flash and rushed back for the last fifteen minutes of the Kate Vernon Q&A. She's nothing like Ellen Tigh. But she's a beautiful woman, with a lot of practical sense and who loved her work on the show. Her Dean Stockwell story is hilarious -- how he had a stand-in, some poor young guy who'd never done anything like it before and she's trying to be all "Frak me, baby" on top of the stand-in, and it was all painfully awkward. Her re-enactment was... awesome. She also confirmed that her return is in flashbacks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I really wish I'd thought to bring something for her to sign other than the ONE pic that Creation had there to buy. Sort of like JR last year, it would've been nice to find something unique. I actually apologized to her for bringing her the same picture as everyone else -- I don't know, I felt badly about it.

There was no BSG event that night -- Stargate had the Cabaret, but unlike the other events this one wasn't joint.

general BSG production news

This is sort of synthetized from what the various BSG guests told us.

The entire BSG cast went out to dinner Friday night as a wrap party for Ep 13 that night. Tahmoh said that Grace had to go back Monday for something quick (I presume some ADR or something like that), but then they were all done. Until and unless the strike ends and they're all brought back. The cast members we saw all seemed fairly optimistic they would be back, though it was couched in terms of "SciFi would be stupid if they didn't bring the show back". And well... we all know that collectively NBC/Universal/SciFi has their heads up their ass, so I'm not quite as optimistic.

But everyone also confirmed that Ep 13 COULD stand as a series finale if necessary (not that anyone wants it to be), so that's something, I guess. Though a wickedly evil cliffhanger would probably spur more fan response (a la Farscape) than a sort of finale, so that may sort of a mixed blessing.

Anyway, back to the con.

Our group of six decided we were going to be crazy Helo fangirls for Tahmoh's presentation and we went to find some dinner and a Target to get some shirts for those of us who didn't plan ahead and bring a "I HEART Helo" T-shirt with us. We went back to the others' room (mine being occupied by spouse and child), and made shirts. And then we watched Michael Trucco's episode of "Doctor Quinn", in which he played the 19th Century version of a creepy stalker. But it ended well -- he got beaten up (which was kind of funny, since he was about six inches and forty pounds on the guy fighting him and he had to lose), and his character helped the young lovers to finally declare their love. SO not a coincidence that his name was Mister Collins, I think.

Then I crept downstairs and went to bed.

In the morning we could get a late start because the con didn't really open until noon, and it was a good thing too. I don't know if I lost my tolerance for rum, I was dehydrated, both, or what exactly, but I woke up with a horrible headache. Not a migraine, but not quite a hangover either. Anyway, it was yucky. Hubby and kidlet and me went down to breakfast, which I promptly threw up. So I went back up to bed, while he and kidlet left for the zoo.

I went downstairs for the opening vids, dreading them. Yet felt strangely better after the loud music and flashy lights - maybe it was the Helo and Anders on the screen helping me out? mmm.... Helo and Anders on the big screen... yum. I remember it was un4scene's vid, but I can't remember which one. Or wait, no, that was later in front of Tahmoh. anyway, whatever it was, it made me feel better. Or the four Advil finally decided to kick in....

And they had the coolest life-size Centurion with flashy red eyes up on the stage and then HE WENT AWAY! So I have no picture of it. *pout*

So anyway, the first guest was BSG composer Bear McCreary. he was only 27 when he started working on the show, and I think I'm jealous. SO talented.

He showed a video - about 20 minutes of clips with just the score with them (all the dialogue stripped out, if there was any, which some of them there wasn't) and some other 'back-stage' interviews with himself and the studio musicians. Many of them are Oingo Boingo alumni, which I didn't know before and explains so much of the awesome percussion. He answered some good questions about his process and why the UK title is different and things like that. He went into "All along the Watchtower" of course (it's basically the lyrics and not much else is the same; I suspect that's probably why some people didn't like it - they were expecting a 'cover' and it's really not and not intended to be). But the story was funny, how he told Ron that he didn't want to know what was going to happen, just what emotions he was supposed to hit. So he wrote the piece blind, not knowing what it was supposed to be underscore FOR. He didn't expect Ron and Co to like it, but it's all pretty much the same as that first temp track he wrote. (see? GENIUS).

He had one story about doing the S.4 score. Apparently the directors temp in bits of existing score in their director's cuts, and then he gets a chance to replace it if necessary But on this one occasion they call him up and ask him if he's scored five minutes of continuously happy music for them to temp in. He thinks about it and has to admit, no, in 130 hours of music, he had NEVER written five minutes of continuously happy music. So he had to write that piece from scratch. Track five on the S.4 disk is going to be awesome - I'm calling it now. *g*

Let's see... He went back for the S.3 disk and threaded a bit of Watchtower into the Occupation/Precipice tracks. He'd intended to put it into ALL the tracks, and he's probably right that might've been... going a bit too far. He signed in the hall outside, because he's just that cool. I had him sign my pass, because I had nothing else.

I think we ate lunch or something in here, and then got in line for the Tahmoh photo op. He's tall. Like TALL. But so welcoming and nice. And he bent down a little (ok, quite a bit - I'm not short, but he's still a good eight inches taller than I am) for the pic, and I'm sure that it was very tiring to be bending over like that for all the hundred or so crazy fangirls in line.

Not long after it was TAHMOH TIME!

The six of us with our "I Heart Helo" shirts stood up as he came in. I'm not sure he noticed, but he didn't run away so that was something, at least. *g*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

His presentation started out on quite a downer -- he talked about how they'd just finished up the last of the scripts and shut down production, Ron hadn't even called the set the last week and it'd been very strange, and the whole cast had gone out for dinner Friday night as a sort of wrap party, but without knowing how long it'd be until (or if) they'd all get back together again. Then he realized how mournful he was being and basically forced himself to perk up and reassure us that no one wanted the show to end there, particularly Ron.

Let's see: he did a wicked EJO impression from when the mini had finished: 'Good hero shot, son, you'll be back." he talked about the much hated line from AMoS, "The cylons tried to live with us on New Caprica", and how he tried to say the line like he didn't believe it and Mary McDonnell then totally pwned him, adlibbing her follow up, "Oh really, Captain" and left him completely flat-footed. He said he wanted to be in the position of his career later to get away with doing that. He also said that his relationship with Sharon in S.4 was "strong, but tumultuous", which isn't anything terribly unexpected I think.

At prompting from mamaboolj he talked a bit about his independent film, "the Green chain" and didn't seem very happy with the final product or his own part of it, though he did think several segments were superb.

Later on, when the questions had trickled to a stop, we shouted for him to talk about Elias, his recurring role on "Whistler" (night-time serial in Canada- which we Tahmoh fans in America are seeing through the kindness of Canadian friends). I think we were the only ones who knew anything about it, going by the deafening silence from the rest of the audience. Which is too bad -- it's a good, fun role that's nothing like Helo at all. But it was a role he was offered directly. We reassured him it was good, since he hadn't seen it.

His autographs were right afterward and I had him autograph my Christmas present from repr0b8 last year (thanks again, Jeff, if you read this!). Tahmoh said, admiringly, "That's wicked!" or maybe, "wicked cool". So, it was nice to have something unique(ish) for him to sign.

After he signed I had to trot over next door to use my Cliff Simon autograph ticket. I wanted to get my photo with him from last year signed. Now, the funny thing was that since I was a general ticket (i.e. not one with automatic autographs for everyone) and Michael Shanks was signing at the same time, there were MANY more people who had either tickets for both or for only Shanks. I was the only one I saw who bypassed Michael (I like him, but not to the fannish obsession that I have with Baal). So Cliff was just sitting there, chatting with his handler and agent/manager/friend/whoever when I came up. He frowned a bit at the picture and asked my name - I told him and said the pic was from last year. And he very nicely said he remembered - it might have been a polite lie, but there's only handful of us who cosplay Tok'ra. So if he didn't remember me particularly, he knew which group I, er, represented. He signed a very nice little message and we chatted just a bit more, and then I took myself off. I hate feeling like I'm monopolizing people, even though in this case there was NO ONE behind me. But I was a fanslut at the dessert party, so I guess I made up for it later.

We went to the hotel restaurant for dinner, so we wouldn't get trapped far away from the hotel and then end up separated at the dessert party. The group of us was seated behind the bar, and I had my back to the wall, with a nice view of the bar area. But suddenly the view got a WHOLE LOT BETTER when I noticed Tahmoh walking in. He stopped to talk to the bartender, facing away from us. Yes, the view was quite nice. *g* ebneter invited him to drink or eat with us, but he was on a quest to find some fight or another on t.v. Soon he passed out of view.

Dessert party!

Too short, Creation! Two minutes isn't enough. It's barely enough time for the guest to sit down and ask everyone their names and get a question or two asked and answered. I'm pretty sure the meeting time was longer last year -- I don't know if they should or can start earlier, divide the party (which would SUCK OMG, at least for me), or restrict Gold passes to fewer holders, or what, but they need a solution. Two minutes is ridiculously short.

The dessert party guests were Tahmoh, Cliff, Steve Bacic, Corin Nemec, Carmen Argenziano, and the genre artist Steve Anderson. Bear McCreary was scheduled, but didn't show (he's a musician, what can you do?). I don't remember what order they came in, anymore, so I'll just do what I remember of each one's visit to our table. Our table was mostly BSG fans (except for me and lyssie to a lesser extent, and our new con buddy, who dubbed us the "Ladies in Waiting (for Tahmoh)". Anyway, with the guests mostly from Stargate, it left things sometimes a bit awkward. I know at least one of them came to us and asked which show's fans we were -- I'm definitely the only one hard-core for both.

Anyway, here are some bad pics (we could only take pictures at the very beginning, not at the table):

Dessert Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dessert Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Corin Nemec was the only one who didn't sit down. He just vibrated with energy -- I suspect, given that he's a stick, he has the metabolism of a kangaroo rat. I know he put on twenty pounds for SG-1, but apparently his natural state is rather... skinny. I told him I saw him WAY back when he was at SDCC when S.6 had just started and he had to think to remember. Poor guy - too many cons. I remember because I was worried that people were going to be mean to him because this was pretty much the height of the Jonas-bashing in the wake of MS' leaving. It went fine of course, since people aren't that rude in person (usually), but my worry really stuck with me.

Steve Anderson did some of the posters and t-shirts, but I at least knew his work best from the covers of the Star Wars novels. I never realized they all fit together in a big poster though, which was cool to see. Anyway, he was low key and nice guy. We were all appreciative of his work, particularly some of paintings he had on display outside in the hallway.

Steve Bacic arrived. And holy crap, that man has charisma. As I mentioned in my teaser, I knew where he was the whole time he was in the room. Despite fangirling Tahmoh and Cliff to a shameful degree, if you'd asked me to point out Steve during the party, I could've told you -- my brain kept track of him. When he got to our table, though, did anyone else realize he was also in Razor? I know we spent the entire visit establishing that he was actually in Razor and what his role was (complicated by not many of our crew having seen it yet). Kind of a wasted opportunity. I just sort of sat there and stared ... Way more hotter in person.

Carmen Argenziano was of course great. The only thing I really remember was his mentioning something about his cabaret thing the night before, which was a scene reading from "Reckoning". But, I knew from some other people from some photo op line that he had read the part of Yu in the scene, so I joked that Tok'ra shouldn't be playing system lords. I think if he'd realized I was the Tok'ra costuming geek, it would've gone over better, but he was already getting hustled off to the next table.

Tahmoh... *sigh*
I know he said he was going to meet Grace Park after that (which sort of smooshed our plan to invite him to the bar). And ... that was about it. Oh! yes, that's right, his visit was the one that got interrupted by the stupid announcement of the centerpiece winners. Which, if we'd HAD a centerpiece, might've mattered, but we didn't so it didn't. Bah.

And Cliff. Who I bargained to sit next to me. Because, hey, I was the only one at that table to cared, so why not? But I got in a few questions, about what he was doing now (which is nothing much -- Hollywood, HELLO, awesome villain; he needs more work!), and about Continuum, relieving my mind about it quite a bit. I was also rather fanslutty, which embarrasses me to remember. But I don't care, it was like one-on-one time, and that was AWESOME. fuck, I need to finish Tartarus.

Then, our table just all chatted and squeed until we got kicked out of the ballroom. We retired upstairs to the shared room, but everyone was tired and we didn't last long,before I went down to find my own bed. (which was apparently on Tahmoh's floor - but I never freakin' saw him there. *sob*)

Sunday Breakfast

The breakfast was sort of like the night before, but with different guests (and better food). This time the guests were Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, Joe Flanigan, and Jay Acovone. We also had a little more time with each of them, and perversely I remember less of what they said.


Katee was great. Everyone at our table was all so excited to see her. We tried to wheedle spoilers out of her, but she resisted, saying she'd signed a confidentiality agreement (they'd come to her first, she said -- I have to think she and Aaron Douglas were at the same time...). She also talked a bit about joining the Harley "Love Ride" this year, and getting her first motorcycle. MT and Tricia Helfer were there too.

Jamie Bamber sat next to me. I think he almost ate my abandoned muffin (I did offer, when he looked at it rather longingly), but he resisted. *snerk* And wow, until you see him in person, it's hard to tell how blue his eyes are. He was very charming. His only "spoiler" as such, was one we already knew about his hair being long. I think he talked a bit about it being the end of production when he was at our table. And mamaboolj asked him about how he managed three kids - "poor family planning".

Jay Acovone was very high energy. Y'know how sometimes you write secondary characters in fic, and you're not really sure that you're expanding their characters 'right'? Well, I've determined my AU-Kawalksy is now dead-on perfect, because he was exactly as I wrote my Kawalsky. Which was kind of funny. If I'd been at his panel presentation, I would've asked about 'Beauty and the Beast' and how that was, since I remember him more from that than Kawalsky, really, but the guy's been around.

Joe Flanigan is a hoot. I don't remember much from his table visit (i'm sure there was the requisite, 'where is everyone from' question), and he talked a bit about the strike and how it affected him, which he would elaborate on more in his panel.

After the breakfast I did photos with Flanigan and with Jamie Bamber. And I have to say, of all the photos I bought, the one I have with Jamie is absolutely the best. He looks gorgeous, with a great smile, and his awesomeness reflected onto me, so I look not bad either. (my photo with Joe F? He looks like such an adorable dork - it makes me laugh). I'm glad I've never bashed Jamie. I have issues with Lee and even some of Jamie's choices for Lee, but he's really amazing in RL.

Before his talk, I ducked into Joe Flanigan's talk. He's funny (and was a bit over-caffeinated, by his own admission, so he wouldn't sit down). He criticized the producers on SGA fairly unreststrainedly, complaining about the lack of read-throughs on set, and letting go of both Torri Higginson and McGillion. He noted that the PTB hadn't seen much complaining about Weir's departure, and encouraged people to go post at Gateworld to try to get her back. Though I noticed, even within the hall of (presumably) strong Stargate fans, the reaction to Carson's death and return was FAR more loud and widespread than any reaction to Torri's leaving. If that's symptomatic of fandom-as-a-whole, she's not coming back. I'm not broken up by either departure, I admit, but the differing reaction is a bit off-putting. Maybe, to put a good spin on it, we Sam fans kept the reaction from getting too out of hand, whereas Carson's departure was early enough that fans had time to grow and get organized. As Flanigan pointed out, there aren't too many SG-1 fans that weren't already watching SGA anyway so if that was the purpose in the change, it didn't work all that well (though bringing Sam over did reignite my own interest in SGA, so it worked for me).

Joe Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway, back to his talk. SGA won't be affected by the strike, since the writers are all Canadians (or part of the Canadian guild, anyway). But he was affected by the strike, because he's been shooting a recurring role during his hiatus on "Women's Murder Club" as the new love-interest for Angie Harmon's character. And he was all sad and annoyed that the show was going to run out of scripts before he got to do a love scene. He also had a story about how the Canadian guild involved itself in his story credit on one of the SGA eps, investigated it to see if he should get a written by credit, and then determined he shouldn't even get story credit. And he was all: "Thanks for nothing, GUILD."

He also joked about the fires last month and having to pick between "surfing or saving my wife and kids". His kid's schoolroom burned down, so he was kind of complaining (in a very understandable parental way) about all the 'quality time' he was getting. He answered a question about his parents at surprising length, but ending with the funny quip that when he'd been adopted by his new stepfather, the teachers hadn't even noticed the switch from Dunigan (I'll assume the spelling) to Flanigan. heh.

Did I mention he seemed like an adorable dorky dude? yeah. But definitely a guy who's been around the block a time or two and has no problems saying where it's at. It's easy to forget watching Atlantis that JF is quite a bit older than Sheppard is supposed to be, but in person, the experience kind of shows (and that Irish taking-no-crap thing, too, that he must get from his mom).

As soon as that was over, it was time to go back next door for...

(and OMG, this is SO frakkin' long)

Jamie Bamber

Jamie J Bamber, Nov 07

He wanted to know how hungover Tahmoh was the day before - hee. Apparently it was a GOOD dinner. He talked a bit about their enforced hiatus and how he was pretty well settled in L.A., and didn't intend to go back to the UK much anymore, since he'd had his fill of traveling all over the place. And his kids got good at guilt tripping and crying on demand, apparently *snorfle* (they do learn, the little rascals).

He answered a question about Horatio Hornblower, how it was his first work out of drama school and he was stuck on a ship with a bunch of guys. It sounded like a bit of a film shoot mixed with a frat party. That he's still pals with Ioan Gruffydd kind of makes me squee a little. (sorry, it's just pretty to think about the two of them together). And a bit about the shoot for his part of Band of Brothers, which sounds like the production might as well have hired actual soldiers. They didn't need actors - they needed people who knew what the hell they were doing. "Here, get into all this gear, go stand over there, and when the bombs start going off, run across the field!"

He was firm about how Lee did love Dee and they'd gotten into a good place during the Year of Baltar's Hair, which was nice to hear.

He talked a lot about how Lee's American accent had become a tool of the character and how it's basicalyl second nature to him now. he also gave a boy, who said he was going to try a British accent for a play, very helpful advice. (aw, Jack, remember Jack? He was SO cute. I loved how he claimed he was the only one in his family who watched Galactica..)

But anyway, it was a fun and interesting Q&A, and it's apparent that he cares very much for ALL the projects he's committed to. And that he'd like more work, thankyouverymuch. I agree completely.

Katee Sackhoff

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She was SO nervous and giggly when she came out. So cute. And then she started to settle down when she was talking about this new project of hers that she was planning for conventions. She had made some 225 cups to give away to the cast and crew of BSG, and had fifteen left over. So her plan was to give two away this convention, to the first person to answer a trivia question.

being nervous she screwed up the first question a bit, asking about a "colony" when she meant the city. But eventually someone won it.

And then... she asked, "What's the name of the actor who plays Doral?"


She looked at me and I blurted, "Matthew Bennet" because, dude, Matthew Bennet is totally WASTED as Doral. Dude can act, and with the exception of when he got to be really scary and almost shoot Baltar in the head, he doesn't get much to do. Shame. I hope he gets to be a bit more hard-core in S.4 and really go toe-to-toe with CKR and Stockwell, because he CAN if given the material.

(Side note: you do not ask the person who has the nearly complete works of JR Bourne and all of SG-1 on disk, not to mention three seasons of Cold Squad, AND who tried to come up with a playable verion of Vancouver Actor Bingo, trivia questions about Canadian actors. But at least my obsession paid off. SQUEEE!!!)

But anyway, I realize there's a person in front of me whose hand was also up, and I'm afraid Katee's actually pointing to the person in front of me but NO! She grins that giant Katee grin, and says, "RIGHT!" And I go up to the stage and she writes on the cup (personalized, bitches!) and signs it. the cup's cute - it's yellow and it says in red on it -"Frak you. Love, Starbuck"

So YAY! I have my own awesomely special Katee experience. And no amount of Tahmoh-in-elevators or Jamie-in-front-of-the-hotel can beat that. :P

I should mention that I was wearing my Caprica Buccaneers uniform costume at the time, and in my photo op. She recognized it right away, unlike 85% of BSG fans. Though I certainly don't wear it so well as certain other people...

Then she did the rest of her session while I clutched my cup. She seemed much more relaxed as the session continued.

Let's see - No, she didn't seem all that thrilled with Bionic Woman, but no, she certainly didn't ever mention Michelle Ryan, even obliquely. Mostly she just joked (but not really) about how she unfair it was that so many people now knew her from the show and not from BSG, and she wanted to steer them over to the better show. She seemed very much a fan of BSG, and very excited to see how it all ends as much as any of us.

greycoupon asked her about Kara's feelings for Lee and Sam. And then got a fright when Jamie Bamber popped out from behind the curtain right next to her, to yell at Katee: "I can hear you!" hee. The answer was a bit disappointing from my Kara/Sam shipper perspective, but not exactly a stunner. Also, it was somewhat mitigated by her answer to the question about what Kara thinks about Sam being a cylon, and she made a crack about the Energizer Bunny. Which, if that means more Kara and Sam making out, then I can live without soulmates.

She also talked about how she's forbidden to drop spoilers and she has to keep her mouth shut - and then proceeded to drop (minor) spoilers all over the place. Which I won't repeat here for the spoiler phobes. They probably don't mean too much without other spoilers anyway, but still, if Skiffy thinks these things aren't going to leak out before April. HA!

But the strike wasn't all bad news to her. For her, it means a nice extended hiatus/vacation and her first holiday in nine years, so she was heading out the next day to Mexico with her boyfriend and his family. She seemed optimistic that everyone will be back in January which - Gods, I hope so.

And then, they signed autographs and that was pretty much it. I had Jamie sign that wonderful photo op pic (which was awesomely already available, instead of waiting for Creation to mail them out).

Helo's Herd or Penikett's Penguins or whatever we were didn't want to break up, so we all hung out for awhile. Took some group photos. But eventually we all had to go our separate ways. And I went home.

*cries* *misses everyone* *cries some more*

the end.
Rosierosiethehobbit on November 26th, 2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a fun con. :) Carmen is always so sweet. Congratulations on the Katee cup. Obsessions do pay off sometimes. heh

Can I second that side comment about Tartarus?
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on November 27th, 2007 07:40 am (UTC)
You'll be glad to know I opened Tartarus today. So yay!

And yeah, Carmen was such a sweetheart. I'm glad I saw him, even if it was pretty brief.

THe cup was funny, since it's IS my obsession, but to think it really all started because of Tok'ra - or at least, JR and Peter Stebbings. In fact, it was my PS obsession which led me to his Cold Squad ep where I learned Bennet can act for awesome. Bennet (a cop) kidnaps PS (a dealer) to a cabin in the woods because Bennet thinks he also murdered someone, and he's willing to do ANYTHING to make him confess. The two of them really pull out all the stops.
reneedyreneedy on November 26th, 2007 11:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks for typing up the report! Sounds like a great time!

You mind if I link to it from AATP?
lizardbeth: Agathonslizardbeth_j on November 27th, 2007 07:27 am (UTC)
no problem. :)

It's already been linked to on freakin' TV Guide anyway to counter the ongoing stupidity regarding Katee. So link away!

(which is why I don't use real names in open posts)
reneedyreneedy on December 3rd, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Posted! Thanks for sharing!
ridin' the star mile: vala-steelstargazercmc on November 27th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Jealous! I'm jealous!

But thrilled for you - sounds awesome.
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on November 27th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC)
It was a blast! :)
entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on November 27th, 2007 01:27 am (UTC)
And no amount of Tahmoh-in-elevators or Jamie-in-front-of-the-hotel can beat that.

lizardbethlizardbeth_j on November 27th, 2007 07:29 am (UTC)
Good times, dude.
mrsdrjackson: fangirl squealsmrsdrjackson on November 27th, 2007 12:38 pm (UTC)
Wow this is a fabulous write-up! Next time I get to a con I'm going to take notes and then make one of the ficers I know write it up for me. You all seem to be *much* better at this than I am. :P

How did you keep your head exploding from all the BSG and SG hotness? My brains would have been all over the place, I swear.

she writes on the cup (personalized, bitches!) and signs it. the cup's cute - it's yellow and it says in red on it -"Frak you. Love, Starbuck"
Dude. I am beyond jealous, that is so frakking cool!
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on November 27th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
what makes you think my head DIDN'T explode? :DD

I have to admit, I was pretty prepared for Tahmoh and Jamie and Cliff Simon - but Steve Bacic made my head explode. That was... unexpected how HAWT he is.

Thanks! It was definitely a whole lotta fun.