lizardbeth (lizardbeth_j) wrote,

Heroes: and Con

Heroes was made of WIN! Totally. But I'm incoherent with tiredness and reading forums.

Con report tomorrow, maybe. Lesson learned at the con: that I too have the capacity in me to be a total fanslut. So I should stop ragging on the Shanks fangirls, because I'm only one step away on a very slippery slope...

Teaser: People are somehow even more awesome in RL than the internets, my knowledge of Canadian actors paid an unexpected dividend, Tahmoh Penikett has a very nice ass but bad taste in sports, Katee Sackhoff is beyond adorable, Bear McCreary is even more of a frakkin' genius than I suspected, Steve Bacic is startlingly charismatic for a guy I think is slightly odd looking (I'm serious - I knew exactly where he was during the party, the entire time. my brain simply refused to let go of his location. It was weird), and Joe Flanigan is a cute dork who is NOT making out with Angie Harmon on "Women's Murder Club" and this tragedy must be rectified IMMEDIATELY. (You hear me, studios? NOW.)

And who knew I would even care about a show I don't WATCH? And yet, now I do. Cons do very strange things to the brain.

That might explain WTF I'm doing still awake.
Tags: burbank, tv: heroes
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