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11 November 2007 @ 10:45 pm
I had something important to say...  
But I forgot it. So, instead, I will squee over my general porn fic production lately!

First, two ficlets for the Stargate Pornucopia!

1. Cam/Jonas, R, a short follow-up to A Strange Alien Allure. Unfortunately I suspect that one requires the first story or it's all very WTF? Cam/Jonas?...

2. And the less obscure pairing of Sam/Martouf, during Ripple Effect (PG). Because no, I can't get over how tragic it all is...


The previous Sam/Vala/Baal dubcon threesome! yes, indeed, I'm walking on the wildside.

AaaaAND that's not all! I finished and turned in my sg_rarepairings fic! Which you will all be linked to when it opens for reading. (but yes there is some porny action to be had in it too)

Now, to get ready for Friday and the BSG Convention! YAY!
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