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14 March 2006 @ 08:52 pm
Writing project insanity  
So I'm over at stagesoflove where round two is about to begin, and I'm thinking... I can do this. So tempting to do the "trouble in paradise" set of themes for Sam/Martouf. Which actually requires makeup sex as one of the themes, so I can do some porn. I kept wanting to put it in last time, but I just didn't have the room doing drabbles. This time, no frakkin' drabbles, no matter what pairing or theme I pick. Yes, drabbles require a great deal of care with word choice and brevity, which is a lovely writing exercise, but it also drives me insane. I'm not writing a story with a drabble, I'm sketching it, and that's not nearly as satisfying.

Or. I was thinking, I'd really like to write for Helo/Sharon, and maybe this is the sort of prompt I need to get my feet wet... Different theme though, probably the "Five Senses" group, because that one I could set in the Big Jump (and possibly get totally Jossed, but what the hell, it's not 'til October).

I could do both. That would be cool. They're still only ficlets, no more than 300 words.

And then it occurs to me that I need two new writing projects hanging over me like I need a new hole in the head, given that the Monster is still in rewrite. My co-author would quite possibly send Electrons of Death through AIM and fry me if I went all slacker on her, especially when we're so close.

sigh I think I will be a good responsible adult and take a pass this round.

So why don't I feel better about it? hmpf.
Current Mood: crankycranky