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06 November 2007 @ 01:31 pm
since I suddenly am running at the mouth with spoilers for last night and theories...

So who's the Storm? Angela? Is Angela gonna open a can of hurricane whupass on someone later? Because that would rock. Or maybe it was the late, lamented Kaito's ability to change the power of a tsunami into a snow storm. That's some power, dude.

Or did Adam develop another power(s) in the intervening years? Assuming the eclipse has something to do with power activating - there's been a hella lot eclipses in three hundred years. Not to mention his DNA could have undergone secondary mutation in all that time... I'm just not sure that immortality and charm is enough to be scary.

ANd OMG, poor Caitlin! Stuck in a post-apocalyptic future, without anyone to keep her company... I don't feel particularly strongly about the character, but that's a sucky fate, unless Peter and/or Hiro rescues her.

And I'm still wondering if West is just a random meet up of Claire's, or he's some Company plant, or even working for Adam... I have this thing in mind (possibly because I know too much X-Men *g*), that Adam's like Magneto, and he's got his band of followers (which are gonna include Peter and West), and they're going against the Company side (Nathan, Niki, Matt, etc). And Sylar's going to be the only one who can stop Adam and Peter tag-teaming...

I figure Alejandro is the cure for the mutated Shanti virus, not Claire. Either himself or through Sylar, after Gabriel munches some tasty Alejandro brain. But I don't know if that's this chapter's main obstacle or we're being set up for the next one already. This is "generations" so this may tie up only Adam/Maury's killing the Elders, leaving the virus for chapter 3...

comment and speculate away, but plz to not be dropping future spoilers, k?
agathons_fan: Heroes - Nikki/Jessicaagathons_fan on November 7th, 2007 05:40 am (UTC)
OMG. I am so in love with the Caitlin/Peter shipness. I was soo sad when I saw Peter leave her there. I was literally yelling at my tv. I seriously hope that they(someone/anyone) finds away to bring her back.Im going to be so mad/sad if they dont.

I have mixed feelings about the Adama storyline. Are you saying that because Hiro and the princess kissed and she fell in love with him that he turns out evil and tries to destroy the world. I get him being all mad and stuff but for him to be mad about it how many years later? SRSLY? I think thats stupid, but I do think that will make for an ok storyline when him and Hiro ever meet up again (thats not a spoiler thats just fangirl speculation).

I think that Wes just happened to be there. I dont think he is a spy or anything. Although I do find it a bit suspicious that he knew about Claire before she told him or gave off any real hints. I mean yea he saw her cut off her toe, but he knew before that.Wierd. I hope the work things out to :P

I cant wait for Nathan to find Peter. Im sure its only a matter of time, now that he knows he is alive. Which I was squeeing about. The while reunion is going to be great. Especially when Claire finds out. (Again, all fangirl speculation and hopes that it actually happens :P :))
lizardbeth: Heroes  - firelizardbeth_j on November 7th, 2007 06:13 am (UTC)
First, I am DYING at your typo. Adama. LOL (but I know who you mean.heh)

But no, I think the kiss ruined the bit of good in Adamsei that Hiro had found. Remember, Kensei wasn't exactly a good man before Hiro showed up - all the kiss did was to reset him back to his default of selfishness. But now with added immortality and thinking he's a god. And that? Is never a good combo... That's why Hiro said he still believed in him - it's sort of like Luke's "I still see the good in you" to Vader, reminding Kensei that he's still redeemable.

And actually I'm not entirely clear on the timing, but I think Kensei plotted with White Beard even before he saw the kiss. I'd have to watch again to make sure.
agathons_fan: Grace - Lmaoagathons_fan on November 7th, 2007 06:28 am (UTC)
First, I am DYING at your typo. Adama. LOL (but I know who you mean.heh)
Lol :P I guess Im just used to typing that.Lmao.

I get what your saying about Adam, but before the kiss he was just lazy and rude and selfish - he wasnt all control/destroy the world. But yea the god thing didnt help matters all that much.