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07 March 2006 @ 09:46 pm
Drabble 5: Empty Hands Not Forever  
The last of my stagesoflove drabbles: This one for commitment. They're all fragments of the same storyline, in the same AU. Sam/Martouf.

Empty Hands Not Forever

Martouf came through the wormhole. Sam kept a smile on her face to greet him, even as her heart sank.

He had nothing with him. Not even his favorite zat.

So he wasn't staying. He was probably back to say the Council was sending him away again.

He saw through her happy façade, frowning in concern. "Sam?"

She murmured, "I was hoping…"

He smiled. "The Council agreed."

Joy flowered inside her, irrepressible. She was shaking. "You're staying? Really? But… you don't have a bag…"

He grasped her hands. "I'm staying. You are my future, Sam. Nothing else is worth keeping."