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04 March 2006 @ 09:13 pm
Good Omens and other slashy tidbits  
So I'm reading an interview with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett regarding the tenth anniversary of Good Omens, because I love almost all of what they both write (though I've had Anansi Boys sitting on my bedside table for a month. I feel terrible). I've never written Good Omens fanfic, but I did start a fic in which Lord Vetinari gets yanked, kicking and screaming (in that very quiet, ominous way of his) into love. Unfortunately, romantic comedy is hard, so I gave up.

But anyway, in this interview, Neil Gaiman says the following, which I love as an example of an author who knows about slash and fanfic and is amused by it, if anything, not threatened.

This comes during a question about a sequel to Good Omens and how it's not really going to happen: "On the other hand, I have to say, we now live in a universe in which we are competing for ownership of Crowley and Aziraphale with several hundred thousand young ladies who like to write about their erotic adventures on the internet. C and A slash is apparently something that anybody who's bored of writing about sexual high jinks at Hogwarts nips over and does something with our favorite demon and angel."

All except the "young" part, he is pretty much right on the money.

He goes on to talk about discovering slash at a small English convention by flipping through a 'zine of Knight Rider slash back in the mid-80's. I suspect we are very lucky his mind wasn't totally fried by that experience. (I mean, Knight Rider slash? oo-kayy...)

I stood right next to Neil Gaiman in the dealer's room at a con a couple of years ago, and I was in too much awe to even stammer out how much I love his work. I am *such* a loser sometimes. (rolls eyes)

Anyway, since I can't let two posts go by without mentioning Baal (and no, I don't stalk Cliff Simon in my free time, just in case you were wondering). Someone commented in a recent meta discussion about 'inappropriate questions' at conventions, that they'd spoken to Simon at a con and somehow the topic had come up of slash. It turned out he had actually *read* Jack/Baal slash! *and* that he thinks Baal's clones would have no problem having sex with each other. Is that not the most awesome thing? I do dearly love when the actors get into fandom as fans. He does sound like a pretty cool guy.

However, this news is feeding my obsession, which is probably not a good thing...

I think I should go dig up Good Omens and read it again. it's been forever since I read it, but I do highly recommend it - it's literate and funny as hell.