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19 October 2007 @ 10:27 pm
SGA- Doppelganger  
First, Moonlight. Surprisingly, improving quite a lot. Still predictable, but not all the time, and they've mostly ditched the weak-assed attempt at noirish reflection and saving the voice overs for more important things. The leads and the supporting cast are gelling nicely. I don't know if Sophia Myles is also improving, or settling in, or I'm just getting used to her, but I'm liking her now.

And Jason Dohring soaking wet with his shirt open? Not bad at all.

Then, we watched the last few minutes of Flash Gordon

HELLO, GENERAL HAMMOND! :D I see you're keeping busy in your retirement.

Then, SGA. I didn't watch it before, when the ep leaked, though I knew the main spoiler from it.

Anyway, under the cut, a bit of running commentary.

Keller continues to be awesome.

Her fear of the chestburster is probably the PTB reminding me to write my reel_sg1 fic. or y'know, not. But it's really good timing.

Ronon fears being alone (of course) but how perfectly horrifying for him. And that was totally Cooper showing off his pretty pretty set, with all that camera porn, running around in the (almost) empty gateroom.

And Cooper also continues to get mileage from Rodney and lemons. Sam making him lemon chicken - hee.

Major Lorne, all sweaty and unstable with a gun? Gimme some of that plz. (Now I want Anders to do EXACTLY THAT SAME THING on BSG, Pretty plz, because psycho Anders-with-a-gun? YES.) And he used to sleepwalk? Somehow someone has to fic that. NOW.

(and they really ought to bump Lorne to lt.col one of these days - he came on board as a major and he's still a major. poor guy. he's the Paul Davis of SGA, I guess, eternally stuck at major til he gets killed or vanishes)

"significant negative presence" - why do I find that so funny? And exactly WHICH alien possession of Sam were they talking about? heh.

Oh Kate... that's so sad. Not unexpected (thank you, iTunes), but sad. I'm not invested in her character, I'm afraid, but it's always sad to lose a good recurring character. But I do think someone had to die in this episode to make the danger at all a factor - otherwise, it's like Ronon said, it's just a couple of bad dreams. And there are not so many recurring characters to pick from, especially ones that could be folded into the rest of the plot as neatly as the psychiatrist that's consulting on the problem. Zelenka, really, and that's it. Lorne would've been as shocking but he wasn't involved in the rest of the plot. So I get the choice, but it sucks.

Moving on...

John, do try to look as if you know what to do when a woman hugs you; it would help those of us who try to ship you with women once in a while.

Evil!Terminator!Sheppard is scarily appealing. Good job, Flanigan.

Sam, being all in-charge, is still so glee-making. And while I'm sure SGA fans are kind of annoyed with the call-backs to SG-1, I'm glad they weren't forgotten. because forgetting about it would've been totally lame.

And OMG the total shout-out to the McSheppers. Gotta be. "I thought there'd be more hot girls." "Me too." And then they look at each other. BWAHAHAHA!

Nice image at the end of the lights flashing on - "I think we should go." Uh, yeah, y'think?

And then a gentle tag of everyone sitting together. Well-played, Atlantis.

Possibly I was in a mood to be amused, even when I shouldn't have been, but it held my attention, and y'know,with me and Atlantis, that is no small thing. So thumbs up.
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entertaining in a disturbing way: Anders sweetlyssie on October 20th, 2007 06:48 am (UTC)
Sam was awesome.

And Shep has that guy problem of not-quite-knowing where to put his hands. Plus, Teyla's shirt was backless. WHAT is safe territory, there? (Teyla, of course, has no idea he's disturbed by this and Ronon thinks John's an idiot).

It was close to his "hmmm... booobs." reaction when Lizzeh hugged him.

lizardbeth: Anders - gunlizardbeth_j on October 20th, 2007 07:01 am (UTC)
It was just so funny and OBVIOUS, how his hand sort of hovered there, kind of touched her a bit and then startes to maybe move to her shoulder... It's not her ass, John, you can touch her back or her shoulder, it's okay! heh.

*sigh* i don't think we're going to get crazyAnderswithagun, but it would be fab. Maybe if someone threatens Kara or he runs across a Leoben - because boy, is he gonna have issues with Leoben.

I was gonna ask what you were doing still up and then remembered, duh, it's Fri.
entertaining in a disturbing way: Kara Anders Not Easylyssie on October 20th, 2007 07:13 am (UTC)
I want to see Sam and Leoben have a conversation. Possibly with Kara showing up near the end and shooting Leoben, then dragging Sam off for some comfort!sex.

I am up.... and I'm reading an Atlantis/BSG crossover, wherein Kara is sad that she hasn't cuddled her husband lately. And Cally proves how awesome she is by grabbing a scalpel and trying to kill people when she thinks the Cylons captured her...
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on October 20th, 2007 07:32 am (UTC)
I want a Sam-Leoben smackdown, wherein Sam dishes out some vengeance and smacks him around, and then makes Leoben CRAWL before his Final Five magnificence. Kissing his feet is a bit icky, so that's not necessary, but kneeling, yes.

that sounds a whole lot better than the PotC AU I started in which poor Will gets killed in the second paragraph, to clear the way for Barbossa. Or Jack,I'm not sure which, because I didn't stay around long enough to find out. ugh. I hate random character assassination just to further some pairing agenda.
entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on October 20th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
Crawling would be good.

And sadly... Shep and Kara bought it early, and Sam's response was to drink himself blind (of course). And there's a large bit of Mary Sueing of Stargate tech, so it's the Bestest Of Them All.
carpenyxcarpenyx on October 20th, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
(and they really ought to bump Lorne to lt.col one of these days - he came on board as a major and he's still a major. poor guy. he's the Paul Davis of SGA, I guess, eternally stuck at major til he gets killed or vanishes)

You know, I was just thinking the same thing today. He totally deserves to be promoted!

I thought this episode was pretty decent. :)