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19 October 2007 @ 10:41 am
Dear Yuletide Santa...  
Dear Yuletide Santa:

YAY! I love this challenge and I love you, whoever you are! Thanks for requesting one of my fandoms, because they all need love.

My four requested fandoms and some notes about them, how I see the characters I requested, why I love these fandoms, etc. that sort of thing are below.


I requested only Markus Alexander, because, well, I love him so very much. I love all the characters, actually, and you can include any of the others you want. But Markus has a special place in my heart -- he pushes all my One True Character buttons. He's smart, he's brooding, he tries to do the right thing, but he doesn't really relate to people that well. We know from Erin that he was a child prodigy. So he was NEVER a 'normal' child, even before the Big Death and falling in love with a woman he couldn't ever touch.

If you'd like to see more of my take on the Jeremiah-verse and Markus in particular, I've written two main fics Second Hand Unwinding which is an immediately post-series adventure with Markus and Jeremiah on the run in the woods, but touches on Markus' character quite a lot; and also the Big Damn Novel Distorted Reflections which is an AU to the Jeremiah-verse at "Things Left Unsaid", because of the entry of the four members of SG-1 come tumbling into the commissary, and Markus has to deal with them.

So that tells you what I've done (if you don't already know *g*). For you, I offered some ideas - pre-series (because I'm very curious about what Markus and Thunder Mountain were like before the doors opened to let Jeremiah and Kurdy in) or post-series (does Markus become president? Does he ever manage to have a healthy relationship?) Or during the series itself - maybe during "Means to an End" when he thought his whole dream was coming crashing down?

These are just ideas - since what I really want is just some character exploration of Markus. If you ship him with anyone, I'm good with that (especially after Meaghan's dead), but I'd rather not have the romance be the whole point of it. Okay, except Smith -- I simply can't wrap my head around Markus/Smith, sorry. But Markus/Jeremiah, M/Erin, M/Lee, M/Kurdy, M/Theo, can all work for me, and I have a secret shippy place in my heart for Markus/Rachel (the woman from Daniel Territory - she doesn't take any crap, and Markus needs that).

But whatever, it's all good. Please don't be alarmed by my... er, treatise. Because of my own various writings, I've thought a great deal about it, but mostly? I JUST WANT MORE MARKUS FIC. pretty please?



Woot! I am the only requestor for Traders fic and you got it! Betcha when you asked for Any, you didn't think you'd get stuck with PAUL fic, eh? Well, sorry about that. :)

But like I said, I'm fascinated by him. (and okay, if he wasn't played by Peter Stebbings, I would doubtless not care as much, but see above for my LOVE for Markus, the character he played on Jeremiah), but he's the kind of character that intrigues me anyway.

He's SUCH a dick. But especially after "Price you pay", there was a glimmer of... something. Or maybe I just wanted to feel sorry for him. *g* But I get the feeling that it's a learned behavior, but why? Rebelling against his father is part of it, but is there more? He clearly pushes people away when they get close, but why? Or is there anyone who might break through and find the person behind the mask? Not necesarily in a 'shippy way, even just as friends?

Boiled down, and it's all up to your brilliance to figure it out, because I am all flaily hands:

Plz to be HUMANIZING Paul somehow. (Note: human, not 'nice'.)

And I will love you forever and ever.

(ETA: it occurs to me that Christmas could tie into this - feel free, if you'd like to use it as a springboard. Or not. But "A Traders Christmas Carol" is going too far... )

Space: Above and Beyond

Shane and Nathan = OTP!

We'll just get that out of the way, so you know where I stand. *g*

But that said, in canon and immediately post-series there's probably not a lot of opportunities for them to really get together, what with the war and his piining for Kylen through most of the series. So if you don't want to write some sort of post-series getting-them-together (please? *bats eyes prettily*) any moment between them - perhaps around "Stay with the Dead" (favorite episode!) would be fabulous.

I did a wee stocking stuffer with the two of them last year for yuletide, With the Dead , for my own particularly broken take on them post-series.


Bren/Jago. Signup says it all, really. For all that we're in Bren's head almost 24/7 in the novels, we know comparatively little about the salacious details of their relationship, how it really got started. What Jago thinks about it all. Or, what about an outsider point of view on it, say when Toby found out about the relationship (I'm sure he did at some point), what happened? Or Banichi? Or - wow, this only just occurred to me - Tabini? Might Tabini have 'encouraged' Jago to try something like this? If Bren talked to Tabini at the lodge at all about human sex, Tabini might think of it to bind Bren to the atevi...

Anyway, I'd love anything that explores Bren and Jago's relationship either from inside (there's a lot of time they're NOT getting shot at, after all; it's just not detailed in the books *g*), or someone else's view of it.

*smooches for you*

Thank you for offering to write a story for one of my favorite things in the whole world! You are awesome!