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18 October 2007 @ 10:46 pm
I'm a little relieved that there was a small snafu and this isn't my assignment for Yuletide after all. It's almost exactly what I requested for myself and ... while I could write it, I'd rather not. So, hopefully the next roll of the dice will come up with something different. :)

Now, on to Supernatural ---

I love Ben Edlund and I want to have his babies!

Well, okay, maybe not REALLY, but, this was so funny. *snorfle*

A Rabbit's FOOT! BWAH!

Hot chick with no compunction about shooting Sam at all. nope. Dean's Think fast! And she stole their scratchers. hee. I like her, she's totally mercenary and so far, not a hint of 'heart of gold'.

Dean being all protective and competent, sneaking into Bela's (whoa, very nice - job pays well clearly) townhouse. Sam telling Dean about Ruby, and then getting all frustrated at his owies. And Gordon, plotting from jail.

At first it was sort of eye-rolly, but then, man, the whole ep just fell together in all the right ways for me.


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