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12 October 2007 @ 10:36 am
SPN 3x02: Won't somone think of the children!  
hee. I couldn't resist.

But first, and this is not exclusive to Supernatural by any means (though certainly strong there). I'm going to have to beat people with a dead fish if the constant throwing around of "Mary Sue" doesn't just fucking STOP already. I'm so tired of it being the catch-all derogatory term for women characters.

It's television - and it's the CW. Therefore please to be suspending your disbelief for perfect hair and skin and high heels, and the occasional chick with superpowers, in addition to the demons and ghosts and the Winchesters not cooling their heels IN JAIL, mmkay? Thank you.

Now that's off my chest, I feel better. Onto the ep.

Am I the only one who looked at the new housing development and shed a little tear for the former Alpha Site from SG-1? If it's not that one, it's one like it. Bye bye pretty woods where Scully and Mulder and SG-1 once roamed around... kay, maybe it's just me.

Children are always good for the EWWW CREEPY factor, aren't they? And it's way too easy to put myself in the mom's place, and wonder what the hell would I do if my kid abruptly turned freaky and evil. I'm pretty sure I would think it was ME going crazy, though. maybe turn myself in for psych eval or to the police or something. Hm, I wonder what the Changelings would do in that case,if the mom tried to commit herself? Would they kill off all the psych ward people to get to her, or eventually give up?

Anyway, oo, a DEMON! That was awesome. We figured she was supernatural in some way, but hubby had the thought that she might be Michael or another angel. I thought that'd be cool, because I'd love to see the Spn take on angels. And it seemed to make some sense that with a large release of demons into Earth, that if there is an Other Side of things, there could be some help forthcoming. If the Seven Deadly Sins were last out in medieval times, well, there were supposedly angels around then, too, so... And think of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from some fans: "She's an ANGEL? You've gotta be kidding me!") I can see where it might be problematic, with so many people having fluffy ideas of angels plus they'd have to really lay down some power limits, but I think it could work. (I thought Buffy should have one too, so this isn't exactly a new theme with me. But then, I like The Prophecy so there you go.)

But a demon works for me just as well. I completely believe her when she says demons aren't all alike - but that doesn't make any of them good. I love her "Don't be such a racist" - because isn't that the one sure way to make someone instantly back down these days? Plus, add Sam's experience with Lenore and Madison and his own desire to be Good himself and her offer of helping Dean, and of course he'll want to believe her. But he doesn't look SOLD either, so that should be interesting to watch. I think the actress has done a good job at being deliberately off-kilter too - she's been playing not quite HUMAN all along.

Meanwhile, Dean and mini-Dean. Mini!Dean was a little broadly played (My future 8 year old better not behave that way!) but to a good enough purpose, to make Dean pine a bit for what-might-have-been. But the most important part was to get to Lisa's line that Ben wasn't his by blood, but Ben was alive because of him and that's a good legacy too. He did seem to take it to heart, so maybe saving lives and hunting things will go back to being his primary mission for the time he has left.

Overall, a good episode - with tight connections to the wider character emotional arc and an icky Creature of the Week.

A few random thoughts:

Good thing Cameron Bright is now too old to play Ben, because that totally would have been his role a few years ago. Because lordy can he switch between Sweet and Creepy on a dime.

Speaking of kids, I feel for the director of this one. Lots of kids to wrangle. Though they were probably all scarily professional and didn't goof off at all.

I also caught the trailer for next week's Smallville. Dean Cain. At first my brain refused to see that it was really him. Who's next? Brandon Routh? jeez, show. Taking stunt casting to new heights.

HEE! A song from "Into the Woods" came up on shuffle. Never fails to amuse me. Not the lyrics (though they are funny) but because I know people who left the show at intermission because they thought it was over. oops.

*snickers a lot*
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agathons_fan: Supernatural - Devils Trapagathons_fan on October 12th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
I was just about to post a eppy review. Glad you did though. :P

I loved the Mini!Dean plot they had going on in this episode. That is soo Deans kid, blood or no. They are so much alike its awesomely hilarious. Favorite thing about this episode hands down.

The Children were extremely creeping. They reminded me of the one Christopher Reeves movie (Cant remember the name of it though, but it was a good movie). The first thing that came to my mind about the episode when I was reading you post about the kids is that mom who drove her car into the lake with her daughter in it. That must have been crazy difficult, even though she knew it wasnt her daughter.Plus then she came back.WTF?

I never expected the girl hunter to be a demon(or an angel), that was a nice twist. And that whole scene between her and Sam in the room was awesome. I loved it. I actually thought that she was a decendent of Samuel Coltt, which is how I explained that awesome knife.But a demon works out to. That explains how the seven deadly sins know her too.

I wonder how they are going to tie what sam found out this episode and at the end of last season about his mom and the YED?
lizardbethlizardbeth_j on October 12th, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
my issue (well, not an issue with the ep per se) is that yeah, driving into the lake would be SO hard. I mean, in RL, I don't think I could EVER be that certain. The kid's behavior was strange and the mom was seeing weird reflections in the mirror, but I'd have a hard time jumping from that to "alien thing - must die". The mom was already emotionally frazzled though, and clearly didn't see any other way out.

The changeling didn't die -- remember, fire's the only thing that can kill them -- so it could take its own sweet time breaking the car window and swimming free. I thought it was rather dumb anyway -- it's not like the entity was weighted or tied up so she couldn't escape the car, even if she hadn't been nigh-indestrictible.

I read some spec that she could be a descendant of Colt also, which made a lot of sense. And finding out what she is, makes her excessive ketchup use far more disquieting.
agathons_fan: Ronon- Squeeagathons_fan on October 13th, 2007 03:53 am (UTC)
I read some spec that she could be a descendant of Colt also, which made a lot of sense.
Awesome, I havent read/heard that any that anywhere. I hope thats true. I think that would be a great addition in the story.
captain capricious: spn:deansbackcynthia_arrow on October 13th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)
Therefore please to be suspending your disbelief for perfect hair and skin and high heels, and the occasional chick with superpowers, in addition to the demons and ghosts and the Winchesters not cooling their heels IN JAIL, mmkay? Thank you.

You just went on my small list of reasonable fangirls. :)

Angels would have been a fabulous idea. That's a side of the whole good vs. evil thing the show doesn't dip into all that much. (Except for "Houses of the Holy," of course.) But I'm like you--I'll take a demon if I can't have her as an angel. This promises to be interesting. But I DO think Sam's already pretty sold on it. She said the magic words: save Dean.

Dean Cain. GAH. He looked fat in the previews, too.
lizardbeth: Deanlizardbeth_j on October 13th, 2007 05:01 am (UTC)
I try. :) I just get irritated (really I guess it should be amusing) when I see people bitching about the unrealistic HAIR when they're watching a show where REALISTICALLY the Impala would've been impounded by the police a very long time ago. Inconspicuous beige toyota it's not, y'know?

I so want a warrior angelic being on SPN. "houses' got me all excited and then it was a fake-out. I know it would be tricky to pull off but ... it would be cool. *plaintive whine*

Save Dean! The tagline to Season 3!