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09 October 2007 @ 09:54 pm
Potpourri for today  
My main fannish contribution for the day is my Recap for Bloodlines over at redial_the_gate. I am just a wee bit snarky.

I'm feeling ranty about some comments (particularly at TWOP) on this week's Heroes.

People are being hard on this week's Heroes. I have read more outrage over what amounts to a not very exciting episode. "OMG SO BORING", the whiney ones complain. "Let's see some ACTION!" Last year really spoiled them. What they fail to understand is that the reason the final eps of last season worked so well were because the ground-work was laid very deliberately through the season before. If there's no set up, no pay off. But people want their payoff NOW NOW NOW! *snarl*

To me, this episode was very clearly foundational to the arc. And shit happened, just nothing blew up. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER TURNED in this episode. Who made a choice in this episode? That's right - all of them. Some choices weren't smart (Claire, Candace, Peter), and some weren't admirable (Maya, Sylar), but they all chose. (well, I'm not entirely sure Hiro chose for himself, but clearly his visit isn't done yet). And you wanna bet they'll all have consequences? oh yeah.

Oh, and the box. Get over the box, people. Of course Peter's not going to open the box. DUH. And not because Kring can't think of any other way to keep him in Ireland. It's NOT ABOUT THE BOX. I hope Kring is brave enough to have the box be empty, because it should be.

Well, I wouldn't mind if things blow up a little next week either, but I'm sorry, I still doubt that Peter's going to be running back to make love to Nathan like some people want.

I'm perhaps more annoyed than I should be, but I had the builders highpressure spraying the house to remove the old paint and it was really loud and then water came in under the door. But I didn't notice at first, so there was a good sized puddle that got the carpet wet. And... it was no fun.

But, the BSG Season 4 promo is MADE OF WIN! yes. And so creepy in how the implications are all layered in, though probably not as they'll happen.
Current Mood: crankycranky
mrsdrjackson: annoy the fangirlsmrsdrjackson on October 10th, 2007 11:54 am (UTC)
"OMG SO BORING", the whiney ones complain.

WTH? Were they watching they same episode we saw? How could they have been bored? If you want to see stuff blow up watch an Arnold marathon, I want my characters and their actions to actually have meaning thank you very much. How are they doing to accomplish that if they go around blowing shit up every episode and not discussing why they are blowing said shit up? *sigh*

The box...oh good grief. When you go back to Hawaii take the box and drop it down a volcano. :D
lizardbeth: Anders - cross outlizardbeth_j on October 10th, 2007 09:45 pm (UTC)
just... grr. I was reading TWOP and yeah I was totally "Were they watching the same episode I was?" I mean, jeez, this episode actually had thematic unity (illusion vs reality) between its various storylines, which Heroes usually doesn't have.

Criticism is one thing but some people seem determined to hate it, and I've never understood watching something you don't really want to watch. I can't even manage to watch things I actively enjoy, to say nothing about shows I'm only meh about or dislike.