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04 October 2007 @ 08:22 am
t.v. on the island  
Raining again. I'm glad we got to the beach once, because it's not looking very promising...

But that's okay, I'm not much of a big beach person anyway. And we have family things to do (and food to eat - OMG Auntie gave us a PIE! I'm not going to fit in my airplane seat to go home at this rate!)

Watched "Criminal Minds" and "Life". Still haven't seen BW, but we might be switching CM next week. We'll see. I'm already not liking the team so much.

Well, thank GOD they didn't kill Gideon. And that was really a great tag. I don't think Patinkin's that good looking, but he was pretty fine in those jeans somehow. Plus it made a good contrast to see him walking away, trying to find how to live again, as...

Hotch was completely blowing his up. IDIOT. Because Haley was right, IMO - he was making a choice to help strangers, not his own family. He loses some points from me for leaving. (I mean, c'mon, dude is SUSPENDED. He's lucky he didn't get his ass fired on the spot, family troubles aside) I know that they were trying to make Hotch more depressed, and I love my quiet, brooding thinky guys a lot, but even so, somebody smack Thomas Gibson awake, please.

We'll probably check out next week to see how Mantegna is brought on board. But so far, I'm skeptical. And I really dislike their new boss, and I don't want her to be around all the time. (and yeah she's a woman, which is nice and all, if she wasn't such a back-stabbing incompetent political weasel. So yay for showing all different kinds of women, I guess).

Rather unexpectedly we got sucked into "Life" the new drama with Damian Lewis (he of Band of Brothers, and another of the "OMG there are no American actors left so we must import them from Britain" group). He's a cop who got framed, sent to Pelican Bay for twelve years, and then set free from wrongful conviction. he got a nice settlement in a lawsuit, and part of the settlement is his old job back. Some are glad to see him, some not so much. Contrary to the blurb, he doesn't spend the first episode trying to figure out who framed him (that may turn into the season's arc, but so far the show's more episodic).

Anyway, the pilot was well written and it has good performances from the ensemble. it's more interesting than Journeyman (which is the one I expected to like). So, go figure. We'll try it again next week.

And yay, iTunes has SPN For FREE! I got it yesterday, so hopefully I'll have time to watch it.

now, off to a playdate with a small cousin!

yep, it's another day in paradise. :)