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09 September 2007 @ 03:26 pm
My big present this year was tickets to Wicked, so we went last night.

YAY! Yay for going out, seeing a musical (I haven't been to one since Lion King was here, and that was years ago). it was so much fun!

All I knew about it really was that it's based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, and it's about Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) and Glinda and how they used to be friends. I don't think I'd even heard any of the music.

So we get to the parking lot and we look around at everyone else going, and my spouse observes, "This is a chick show, isn't it?"

Yes, honey, it is. I knew that, too. It's a huge MASSIVE phenomenon thing. The audience was probably about 70% women. Which was cool (but also led to a line about two hundred people deep for the only bathroom at intermission, omg. Not so awesome).

On the way out I called it the "ultimate BFF4EVA" musical. :)

The music is pop-modern, for the most part, with a few little winks to the Wizard of Oz score. I didn't find any of the tunes particularly memorable on a first hearing, but there certainly several songs designed to show off the leads' vocal talents. Some of the staging is very clever, though I was a little disappointed by some of the dance choreography. It seemed sort of... adequate. The thing I liked best and was surprised by the most was how funny the show is. This sounds sort of tepid, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I went.

On a meta level it's interesting because the musical really would not work nearly so well without the foundation of the book (or really, the movie) to both depend on and subvert at the same time. (so yes, it's totally fanfic, I think).

Like everything today, it's merchandised to death. My favorite thing was a little baby onesie in green with the words "it's better being green" on it. So cute.

unfortunately I seemed to have picked up a cold. I think all the dry ice in the show really dried out my sinuses or something, and now I'm all sniffly. ick.
pataka02: sg1 way cooler than youpataka02 on September 9th, 2007 11:56 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you enjoyed "Wicked," although the cold definitely does not sound fun.

Anyways, I hope you have a great birthday regardless, and that you receive many naked Ba'als... you know you want to be surrounded by the Ba'al clones.
lizardbeth: Jason -- gleelizardbeth_j on September 10th, 2007 03:56 am (UTC)
you know you want to be surrounded by the Ba'al clones

Dude, I would totally die of pure lust. But OH WHAT A WAY TO GO! :D

Thank you!
weissmanweissman on September 10th, 2007 12:36 am (UTC)
I saw Wicked in NYC about two and a half years ago, we were also lucky enough to see at least one of the leads in it. We got to see Idina Menzel as Elphaba. I have been a fan of her ever since I saw her in Rent.

I don't think Wicked in a chick show at all. I really loved the show.

mrsdrjackson: w00t!mrsdrjackson on September 10th, 2007 12:55 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The music from the show is so incredible, def a woman's bff musical, but there's enough other stuff going on that guys aren't going to get too bored.

I hope you feel better soon! Theaters can be horrid breading grounds for germs if not cleaned properly after each show. *shudder*
lizardbeth: Jason -- gleelizardbeth_j on September 10th, 2007 04:03 am (UTC)
yeah, the spouse wasn't too into the musical/singing part of it. He's a film buff, and he's not fond of the whole "spontaneous" aspect of stage. Elphaba dropped her hat at one point and he brought it up on the way home - because that would never happen on film. But he definitely wasn't bored, although I definitely had a much better time!
mrsdrjackson: tee hee heemrsdrjackson on September 10th, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC)
Ah the joys of live theater, where anything and everything can happen. I'm glad you were both able to enjoy it.