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02 February 2006 @ 01:56 pm
SG-1, SGA, and BSG  
And because I'm the world's slowest person to write down my thoughts about the eps after they've long passed into the internet ether for everyone else, here's some mutterings.


Baal rules. At least in my own mind. Admitting that he knows he's not a god (which I figured he knew from Reckoning, but nice to have confirmed) and then his comment about how it was hard for some Goa'uld not to believe their own propaganda was great. He even had a legitimate concern, but too bad he tried to express it to Teal'c in such a way to make sure Teal'c would never listen.

Unfortunately I think the cloning process has made his copies a bit stupid. Because, really, *guard* or disable your transport rings when you have a prisoner, and for crying out loud, lock the frelling door. Not to mention, I thought the less risky strategy would've been to wait until after the Jaffa elections, then make the new leader his puppet (though admittedly, for Baal it's often the look of things, not the actual power he's after, so I'm not sure being the "Goa'uld behind the throne" would do for him very long).

I'm going to pretend the real, original one is sitting in comfort back on Earth, playing his shell game with the SGC and smirking. Well, no, actually I know exactly where he is, at least in my personal fic-land, and that's where he's staying for the near future as I scribble like mad, canon be damned.

All I can say is, next time? He damn well better escape. The Goa'uld have become kinda laughably pathetic, I'd like them (read: Baal) to be more of a threat again. Because who thought Teal'c was actually going to be brainwashed again? Yeah, that's right, no one. Not even Baal bought it, which tells you maybe the writers need something a little different next time.

Grace Under Pressure

My husband can't stand McKay. Everytime we're watching Atlantis, he's always commenting about how, 'isn't that guy dead yet'? I suspect, though I don't say so, that he sees a little too much of himself in Rodney. It can make it kind of hard to watch when he gets all pleased that maybe, McKay's going to finally buy the farm in some episode or another (while knowing perfectly well it's not going to happen).

Now, I like McKay, at least in small doses. Though in RL? If I were Zalenka, I'd probably shoot Rodney (which is probably why I like Radek so much - I admire his fortitude). But anyway, this episode? Way too much. I hope Hewlett found the Jumper scenery tasty, cuz man was he chewing it.

But AT was brilliant and made what was totally unwatchable, quite tolerable. She's gotten so good at finding a slightly off-kilter way to play Sam, to indicate it's not the real Sam.

BSG: Black Market

Ugh. The worst episode of Galactica in two seasons. Never watching it again.

Besides more technical issued (writing, editing), as the Lee showcase episode, it sucked. Didn't learn anything new (oh, he's a whiny dude with personally flexible morals? Figured that one out already, thanks.) But watching Lee with Zarek was making me nostalgic for Classic!Apollo, I have to admit. Cuz you know, at least Apollo the First *did* stuff and he knew where he stood. In the original pilot (way in the dark ages), there was a similar set up when Apollo got sent to a luxury liner to find out who's hoarding food stuffs, he confronts the dude, pulls a weapon, and orders him to redistribute. He is *pissed*. Starbuck and Boomer try to get him to chill, but he doesn't. Nothing in this episode gave me the idea that Lee felt half as much about *anything*. Which might have been the thematic point, I suppose, but whiny, self-involved, depressed guys are exceptionally dull *characters*.

Best scene -- Billy and Dualla. Aww!

Or Roslin and Baltar. That was great, more for what it sets up, I suppose, but she overplayed her hand and now she and Baltar know exactly where they stand. I hope the election/political stuff turns out to be the interesting payoff they're making me hopeful it's going to be.

New ones tomorrow!

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!
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