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03 November 2006 @ 02:29 pm
Dear yuletide Santa:  
I've been a good girl really (with a relative value of good) and I got a Santa! YAY!

First, I love you! Any story in these three fandoms will rock my socks, because I love these three fandoms to bits. One is a childhood favorite, and the other two are major crushes. If you wander around, you'll see I write Jeremiah myself (and I probably know you or of you if that's the one you offered), but I've never written for the other two nor read much at all from them. So I have much love for you, just for offering any of these.

I realized that my requests were all het, even though I'm usually more of a multishipper (I read and write slash as well). Details are of course merely "guidelines", but, well, in these three fandoms these are the stories I've always wanted to read but never found and never got around to writing myself. I hope the details inspired you, or will give you an idea or two, even if they're not your cuppa.

I'm not really looking for smut (though that's fine too! (g)), just interaction between these three couples. Angsty, sweet, romantic, bitter, hot, whatever. I find all six of them fascinating characters, in different ways, and any story focusing on them would be awesome.

As far as squicks and stuff go, I'm pretty open -- although, that said, I'd prefer you keep to the tone/era of the Anne series, not introduce her to bondage or something like that. That would be ... odd.

Most of all, please have fun, since that's what it's all about! And try not to stress (although I'm certainly stressing about mine, so you're in good company!)

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful