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02 July 2011 @ 10:11 pm
30-day fanfiction writing meme  
Day 3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

I think sometimes that I approach fandom/fanfiction very differently than many fans. While it seems that a lot of people glom onto specific characters (or ships), I don't tend to do that until after some primary concept or idea has grabbed me. In any of my major fandoms, that primary concept or question is what drives the longfics, and so that means that while my favorite(s) may be the focus, they're rarely the sole focus. (epic=cast of hundreds). The existence of that main issue is, I think, what makes it a major fandom in the first place.

So, my major fandoms and favorite/primary characters I write:

B5: My primary motivation in writing fanfic for B5 was the episode "War Without End". What did Sinclair think about what he found out was his destiny? How did Susan and Michael and Delenn who had been his friends deal with it? And then an AU I started where the mission failed and led into the false future that Lady Ladira prophesied for Sinclair (when the station's overrun). So it was kind of always about Jeff (who I'll discuss under muse because he's my gateway character,but he's not even alive in some of my B5 fic.) I'd say my favorites are Michael and Delenn to write, because their voices come easily (I love Susan, but her voice is hard to do right.)

Lord of the Rings: favorite characters: Elves. All elves. Made up otc elves. Elrond. Galadriel. Celebrian. Thranduil. Legolas. There's a ton of early Third Age and Second Age fic on my computer. I have a thing for characters/beings who live for thousands of years and how that changes how they relate to each other and mortals.
(I am possibly one of four Tolkien fans who is all "The destruction of Dol Guldur BRING IT" for the Hobbit movie). Non-elf choice : Aragorn. Though Sam was fun in 'For Want of Mithril.'

Stargate Sg-1: OH LOOK MORE IMMORTALS. And Sam Carter. And Jack. But mostly immortals in the Tok'ra. Plus Tok'ra get that fabulous complexity of two minds-one body and how people navigate that. And Sam gets that too plus all-round fabulousity. And Jack (but not together.ew. no. sorry.) Also, Baal cuz he's just cool and snarky.

Jeremiah: Markus is pretty much Sinclair in different clothes. Which is why I luff him. (they both fulfill a very specific archetype of character which I had no idea was my favorite fr a long time and then when I did, I was all "oh NOW I see it". More about that on the muse day.)

Battlestar Galactica: My little black dress right now is Sam Anders, though I started out writing bsg because of Helo and Sharon. Helo and Sharon obviously appealed because they have that mixed-race, Romeo-and-Juliet thing (without the dying). I think Sam's also my gateway to Kara, because it's hella hard to write in her POV -- it's a lot easier (for me) to write how others (me) see her. In general, though it makes me pull my hair out, I love writing Cylons, esp in a group,because it makes me think very specifically about individual vs model and where each is, on that continuum. And writing the Hybrid is it's own special hilarity/hell.

But it's pretty clear to me that if Sam didn't exist (lords forbid! UNF), but there are still Cylons and Cylon/Humans and resurrection and issues of religion and politics to play with, so I think I'd still be in the fandom. But all that AND wrapped in a pretty package? HOLY HELLS YES. It doesn't hurt that Sam has just enough canon to make speculating about the rest very fun.

ok, I could write more, but it's already very late on Day 3, so ...Post It!
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Une Frakkante Cylonne: Six- damn it's good- intodeliriumsunshine_queen on July 3rd, 2011 06:13 am (UTC)
I love writing Cylons, esp in a group,because it makes me think very specifically about individual vs model and where each is, on that continuum.

That's such an interesting way to think about it, and I can totally see that in your writing! I think a lot about Cylon identity, group vs individual, but, but you know. Only with the Sixes.