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18 May 2011 @ 02:43 pm
Rated R
Pair: Elena/Stefan
Written for the vampire Diaries Commentathon.

Summary: This is the way they won't rescue Stefan and end Klaus.

(this is kind of draft-y, so sorry if it's not up to par. But I wanted to write it and get it out of my head. Not happy fluffy fic, just to warn you.)

In the confrontation Stefan is there, as one of the vampires defending Klaus, and he attacks Katherine. He's fast and feral and it's terrifying. He doesn't seem to realize anyone else is there, not even Damon or Elijah, attacking her with single-minded intensity. Elena watches, and it's only much later that Elena realizes he targets Kat on purpose. Klaus made him fight, but Stefan chose her.

It's all confusion and noise -- Bonnie is dueling with one of Klaus' witches, and there are three other vampires that Damon and Caroline are fighting, while Elijah goes after Klaus. But Elena only has eyes for Katherine and Stefan.

Katherine flings him into the wall of the chapel where Elena's waiting behind the protection of Bonnie's spell. Then he's on the ground, stake in his gut, and he's blinking up at Katherine, as she kneels above him. "Stay down," she tells him, hand on his chest, "You're coming with us."

His face is lined with pain but he's clear-eyed. Elena hears him whisper to her. "Dagger."

The word jolts Elena. If Stefan knows, then Klaus knows too. He's playing with them.

"No," Katherine says and shakes her head in refusal. "Stefan, no."

"Do it now," he snarls at her, and then more softly, in a plea, "Katherine."

She hesitates a moment. "I always loved you best," she whispers and lays her hand on his cheek briefly. For a terrible moment Elena is sure Katherine will kill him, but instead she pulls the stake from him and is gone.

Elena doesn't think twice about leaving the circle of protection and scurries to his side, as he sits up with a groan. "Stefan?"

He turns his head, shocked and horrified to see her. "Elena? Oh god, I'm sorry..." His eyes well up, and he stares at her, as if he can hardly believe it's her. "I wish - I wanted to spare you all this..." he whispers in helpless anguish and guilt.

"It's okay," she promises, "Stefan, when this is over, we'll go home and fix it. You can get through it. It'll be okay."

He doesn't seem to hear her and extends a trembling hand toward hers, not quite touching. "I never stopped loving you," he murmurs. "Even when I was lost, I knew you were out there."

"Always," she promises, smiling tremulously. She takes his hand, reassuring him that no matter what, she's there for him. He's done terrible things, she knows, but he's her Stefan then and she's not afraid of him.

He looks down at their hands and shuts his eyes tightly, as if he can't bear to see it. "More than I deserve, " he murmurs and pulls free. He stands and looks at her sadly. "Love a human and be happy, Elena. You need to be free to live."

That sounds a lot like goodbye, but before Elena can open her mouth, he launches himself at Katherine, as she reappears in the archway. Elena thinks he must be still compelled and yells, "No, Katherine, don't! Don't kill him!" They move so quickly, she can only see flashes of the fight, as they throw each other around the choir, until it ends with Katherine hurled through the stained glass and Stefan triumphant next to Klaus. They face down Elijah, who looks all alone suddenly with Damon down and Caroline and Bonnie still fighting somewhere behind her.

Klaus smirks at his brother. "I knew you would come once you were free. Did you think I would be unprepared? I still have my pet, and you have ... nothing. If only you had left us alone -- I would have let all of you live."

Elena's heart sinks. It's over. Elijah's hands are empty, and he's the only one who is quick enough and strong enough to use Bonnie's new Klaus-killing white ash and iron dagger.

But suddenly Stefan is close behind Klaus and somehow he has the dagger. He drives it into Klaus' back with a vicious snarl. "Time to die, you bastard."

Klaus' eyes flare wide with shock and he tries to turn or run, except Elijah holds him still so Stefan can hold it in there.

For an instant, the surprise on Klaus' face is delicious to Elena - he never expected his pet to turn on him so completely. And Elena is glad it's Stefan, able to avenge himself on their joint tormentor at last.

Then she remembers why Elijah was supposed to be the one to do it. Like the other dagger, this one will kill any lesser vampire to use it, pulling out all the power that keeps them alive.

Elena screams, "NO! Stefan, no!"

It was supposed to be Elijah. Not Stefan.

Klaus struggles and tries to change into a wolf, but Eijah won't let him, using his massive ancient strength as Stefan twists the blade.

Fire fills Klaus' body, brilliant light streaming from his eyes. His skin seems to boil and he lets out a terrible high-pitched scream of frustration and agony. Elijah retreats, but Stefan stays, jaw clenched on any cry of his own. Briefly, his gaze meets Elena's - she sees regret, love, and determination - and then he convulses with pain. Stil he holds on, keeping the blade in Klaus, as his skin turns gray and thick blood flows like tears from his eyes

Yelling in denial, Damon throws himself forward to try to stop it, but Elijah catches him and drags him away as their brothers burn.

Klaus explodes into ash and Stefan falls to the ground. Somehow, despite all the vampires, Elena reaches him first and throws herself down at his side. His eyes are shut, and his skin is like burnt paper. She's going to bite her own wrist to feed him, when Elijah takes her arm, stopping her. "It won't work. He's dead."

"No, no, he's not, no, we can bring him back," she says feverishly. This can't be the end. It can't be. Not like this.

"I am sorry," Elijah tells her. "But he's gone."

"Stef?" Damon whispers and falls to his knees on the opposite side. "No. You idiot--"

Somehow his words make it real.

Stefan's dead. One hundred sixty-three years and it's over.

His hair is soft and thick under her hand, and he looks at peace, with a faint smile on his lips.

Elena looks at Damon, Elijah, and Katherine sauntering back in untouched, and she is suddenly unbearably furious at them. "It should've been one of you," she spits. "Not Stefan."

None of them argue, and Damon looks devastated enough she nearly takes it back. But the words die unspoken when she leans down to press a kiss to Stefan's lips one last time. He's cold, now. She remembers when he used to be warm and full of love.

Bonnie's hand clasps her shoulder with gentle strength. "Elena, the church is on fire. We need to get out of here."

The fire's crawling up the drapes of one of the side chapels and reaches the ceiling as she watches.

Elena slips the daywalking ring from Stefan's finger before standing with Bonnie's help. She holds the heavy ring in her fist to make sure she doesn't lose it, and she and Bonnie walk away. She doesn't know what the older vampires will do, and right then, she doesn't care. Caroline meets them at the door and hugs Elena, her eyes filling with tears that Elena can't shed yet.

"Let's go home," Elena says and the three friends head outside, into the sunlight.

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