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20 October 2010 @ 01:08 pm
* I have a hit counter on my long fic Distorted Reflections on one of the interior chapters, originally to check how many people actually made it that far. The bug has been sitting there quietly for years, doing not much. Until lately when the hits have come out of nowhere. It's possible it got rec'd someplace and there's been a tiny flood of people, but I think it's more likely that chapter is sitting in a tab somewhere and it keeps getting hit every time the browser refreshes. Any other chapter I wouldn't know (there are over 40), but this person got lucky. heh. *waves mental pompoms for the person to keep going*

* My fake!tv show keeps really wanting to become a big long NOVEL THING. Thus the conversation with myself:

Me: "Self? Aren't people sick of urban fantasy? Do we need to contribute to this literary plague?"
Me too: *continues to ponder story*
Me: "You know it's unlikely you can do anything different enough to be interesting to anyone but yourself."
Me too: *researches for names*
Me: "Self, we have lots of other ideas that we've sat on for years and years. One of them you know the whole plot and the other is already complete in draft, and only needs to be rewritten into better-ness. We should do either of THOSE for NaNo because either will accomplish something."
Me too: *ignores me some more to work on the shiny*
Me: *sighs* "This is why we fail at original stories."
entertaining in a disturbing way: Shelly is happy with gleeeelyssie on October 20th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
Nonono, what we're sick of is the "I wear leather and I'm cooler and more hot than normal women, so everyone wants to fuck me. Oh, look, a vampire/demon/werewolf/Elf/Fairy man I'm not supposed to lust after as he's BAD for me. I'll just wear jeans and a leather jacket and be more normal. Or something. Tee. Hee." type that gets lots of people to buy them. *sad*

Or at least, I am. I like the concept of urban fantasy with elves/vampires/whatever in Modern Times... But the execution is usually lacking.

also. first person. bleh.