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21 March 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Last night's social butterfly activity of the school fundraiser netted me a lovely necklace from the silent auction. They did this really awesome thing where they passed out specially programmed iPod Touches that were hooked up wirelessly to the auction so you could bid and -- most importantly -- WATCH your bids. It was like ebay on crack (well, okay, I know you can watch ebay from your phone if you want to, but I've never bothered). IT WAS AWESOME FUN.

oh, man, I missed the one year anniversary of BSG ending. Maybe I should post a pic of all the swag I have gotten SINCE the finale. No, fandom doesn't die when the show does, not when there is MERCHANDISING! (and why are there no Centurion-head Pez dispensers? someone should get on that asap) But no, I still have pics to take for Action Figure Theater, so I'll make that my anniversary post. .... oh.... speaking of things I have neglected... why, hello there, bsg_remix! We should perhaps be getting to doing that, self, yes? I've looked through some stories at least, but I dunno which one to do! decisions, decisions....

In current t.v. news, we have started watching the awesomeness of "LIFE". It's "Planet Earth" with more animals and just incredible, especially in high def.