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26 September 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Pooh Bear, ROLL OUT!  
Kiddo is watching "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" and the voice for Eeyore is the same as the voice for Optimus Prime. It's a bit... strange but funny to think about.

David Anders and Kandyse McClure are in what's surely a FABULOUS movie on the channel formerly known as SciFi tonight.... and again, I'm faced with the choice of the "pretty" vs. "oh god, braincells"...

In weird genre news of the day -- I saw in the paper that Peter Wingfield just sold his house in Studio City. Maybe he'll move closer to me?

And now for Supernatural , "Free to Be You and Me."

Oh, poor Sam. Man, I know it's the apocalypse and all, but having hunters be all evil and try to force him back on his addiction AND visits by Jessica who is really Lucifer. poor SAM (and I don't usually say that). It was pretty obviously Lucifer I thought, since they played it almost exactly as with Nick in the pilot. But still, worth that ending.

To the other half of the very nicely paralelled story... Dean and Cas' Adventures in Sin. So one of the perks to rebelling from heaven is sin, hm, Dean? *snicker* Castiel's continuing helplessness in the real world is still such a hilarious contrast to his angel badassery.

I also liked how Raphael was more... resigned about God's "death". Not as awful as Zachariah, but still a dick. The actor did a good job of injecting some nuance into his asshattery.

(ok, I really should've try to post when I'm trying to do so many other things. Bah)

But -- next week! OMG, CANNOT WAIT!