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02 April 2009 @ 08:22 am
Wishing for a big foot  
First, I could do a daily blog filled with nothing but ranting about bad drivers between my house and kidlet's school. Dear Dick in the black Acura, it is actually THE LAW to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, not GO AROUND the driver (me) patiently waiting for the dude walking his dog... Man, somedays I just want a BIG FOOT to come down from the sky and stomp everyone who's so frakking entitled to their morning soy latte that they can't wait to get lucky someone didn't get hurt.

We had two days off for parent-teacher conference days ("off" being a relative term, meaning "on" for me), and yesterday was our conference. Other than a propensity for not listening to instructions and being uncoordinated, he's academically ahead, makes good friends, makes his wishes known, and independent. So yay, for having an angel. We went out to CPK to celebrate his good report card with his grandparents, and he had parmesan with pasta on top. (I wish I was kidding more - he likes cheese)

Okay, How did I get to be such a Richard fangirl that I'm that unreasonably excited to see Carbonell's name in the credits?

But most importantly, KATE HAS A GOOD EPISODE! THank you, Darlton. Kate made good decisions, did the right thing -- and I am endlessly relieved that Aaron wasn't kidnapped or something horrible that forced her hand to go back. Instead Kate decided to go back to find Claire and undo the wrong she did, and it hurt her to do so, because she really loves that boy. (And the island sent her back to '77. best laid plans and all that) Her terror when he disappeared in the store, walking away with someone who was almost, could be Claire, really shook her up - and maybe she also realized that she would ALWAYS be that afraid he would be taken from her, because her conscience was making it that way. So good for her. And I know it's the mommy in me, but I got choked up when she was saying goodbye; well-done Evie.

And also good for her trying to save Wee!Ben. Several posters have tried to excuse Jack's refusal to help by saying he did it to spare the world evil!Ben, but, um, no. Jack went back to the Island on old!Ben's advice, he didn't really have that big a problem with Ben's moral relativism forty-eight hours ago, that suddenly he's be all hot to let him die now, when he's a child? No, Jack's thing now is he's waiting for the Island to show him what he was supposed to do -- but he doesn't know what this is. And if he was sent back to save Ben? well, he just fucked it up didn't he? Now, we know that's not true, because whatever happened, happened, but Jack can't be nearly that sure. He was the only one there who could save Wee!Ben's life and he chose not to, because "oh, the Island will fix it, if it wants to. So I'll do nothing." Doing nothing is still a choice, and I can't think well of Jack in this case. (also, abrogating your responsibility for your actions to someone/something else, just annoys the frak out of me, no matter who says it - and that includes Locke and Ben - it's probably my greatest dissatisfaction with the mythic elements) Whatever, Jack. (I do find it interesting however that the show's making Jack far more anti-heroic lately, but unquestioning passivity isn't a very appealing character trait to me, so I hope he gets to a better balance)

By contrast Juliet -- living with the idea of WH,H far far longer than Jack and with far more reason to hate grown-up Ben -- still refused to let a child die, even if her very action is what creates Old!Ben by sending Ben to the Others (which was, I think, why she waited as long as she did to say something about the possibility). So I think Juliet was completely right to call him out on it.

And Kate having just lost Aaron was willing to help too. Though I would've asked Richard WTF he was talking about the price they were going to pay, in the end, it didn't matter -- that was the only thing left to do anyway since Wee!Ben was dying. So Richard carries him into the temple... to be 'healed' by Smokey? yikes. (though how great was Richard, about Widmore and Ellie being unhappy and he's like, "whatever, dude, I don't answer to them"). I want to know if Richard's "he won't remember this" is just a handwave to cover early Ben and Sayid interactions, or if that's going to come into play in a different way, that we'll find out that someone else has been saved in the temple, with the same memory loss and "loss of innocence"-- Claire? Widmore?)

Hurley and Miles -- SO FUNNY. A bit meta-y, but given that the forums have been constantly trying to explain this to random drop-ins for weeks now, it was probably necessary to reinforce the concept to the average viewer, that we're not dealing with multiple timelines.

eeee.... next week!

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Back to something useful.

Every year I swear I will do taxes in Feb. And every year I wait til April, for no particularly good reason except laziness and general dislike. *sigh*
My way of staying sane: angermamaboolj on April 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm (UTC)
Funny. I think that driver was in Boston just the other day.

We did our federal - and have to pay. Now we're dragging out feet on state.
lizardbeth: Anders- Helolizardbeth_j on April 2nd, 2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
He probably was. Actually the driver's probably a Cylon and they're everywhere, taking down Earth one intersection at a time...

Yes, no point doing it early if you have to pay, this is true. But our mortgage pretty much guarantees we get something back, so really, I'm letting the government keep money that I should have myself, which is just stupid. but taxes are boooooorrrring. /whine
M: simon/river *hugs* iconmfirefly10 on April 2nd, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
I hate evil!drivers and the world is full of oh-so-many of them. *points to icon*

Oh, Lost...I'm glad they saved Wee!Ben because old!Ben is a fantastic villain and the show just wouldn't be the same without him. And I LOVE the way they explained sweet!Ben turning into evil!Ben. But I hope that's not what happened to Claire because as awesome as evil!Claire would be, ultimately, I want my Claire/Aaron reunion and that can't happen if she's all "grr-argh".

Ditto on Jack's actions. But I'm NOT a Jack fan so it was kind of nice for me to have an actual reason to dislike him. And Juliet...I love Juliet. Ben made her life miserable for three years and yet...she couldn't let a child die, no matter who he grew up to be...I heart Juliet:) And I really liked Sawyer saying he was doing it for her. Now, he may've been lying but it was still a nice moment and shows how different their relationship is to ones they've had in the past.

I also liked what Sawyer said about him and Kate because I think it's true. The people they were before could not have lasted as a couple. BUT...we've already seen how much Sawyer has changed over the last three years and I think Kate's changed too...so the people they've become might have a shot a something permanent. (I'm still rooting for James/Juliet though 'cause Juliet deserves a little happiness and Kate will always be tied to Jack).
lizardbeth: Jinlizardbeth_j on April 3rd, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
Oh yes, Juliet was so awesome. I'm not sure, but I think she knew exactly what she was choosing to do by sending Ben to the Hostiles (unlike Jack who chose to do nothing, without actually knowing the consequence of his action). I don't think James was lying about doing it because Juliet asked, because it paralells Jack and Kate so well when Jack said he wouldn't do it when Kate asked the same thing.

I'd like James/Juliet to stay together. I got unexpectedly thwapped by the pairing stick there (before? bah, couldn't care less, as long as TPTB didn't drag it out) and now I want my pretty, kickass ship to stay together! :(