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10 June 2006 @ 09:17 pm
our big summer trip  
Back home again. This time we went to San Diego.

We spent one day at Legoland, which is a theme park based around (duh!) Legos. It's good for the younger set, from my kid's age up to about eight, when the rides and other attractions just aren't exciting enough. the most adult-interesting thing is what they call Miniland which are scale model replicas (made of Legos, of course) of Washington D.C., New York, New Orleans, Daytona (with cars that race the track), San Francisco (with moving cable cars), and Cape Canaveral with a really amazing Lego model of a space shuttle set up for launch with the rockets and the big launching building it sits next to (which has a name, but I'm totally blanking on it. It's been a long two days). There are things that move (boats, and cars, even a railway) all through the exhibits. It's pretty amazing to realize that the whole thing is built out of millions of little bitty Legos. The detail and little touches are what really sell it. Things like the cutaway in the basement of one of the NY buildings, where there's a heist. Just a tiny scene, hardly noticeable, if you only look at the building itself. But worth the price of admission alone, if you like things like that.

Today was devoted to the San Diego Zoo. A place I've visited at least a dozen tmies in my life, and I love it. It's a beautiful zoo, spread out over a large property. Of course, the premier exhibit is the Pandas, where they had their second cub on display. Although he was hiding up in a tree and very hard to see. Mommy and Daddy panda were on the ground, and adorable. The rugrat loved the elephants, and was duly amazed by the swimming hippo (something he's only seen in pics before and they are way more impressive in person). The hippo's name, btw? Jabba. Of course.

We saw two week old meerkats (Timon, in the "The Lion King") who were about the size of my thumb, crawling around on tiny toothpick legs, but furry and cute. Aggressive peacocks, small sun bears, sleeping koalas... so many. I can't even remember them all.

But the rugrat's favorite part? Was the big Alaskan Black Bear going poop right in front of the crowd. "MOmmy! he's pooping!" OMG, such wonder, and excitement in my short person!

Now, hopefully, my traveling is done for awhile and I can get back my normal life.