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15 May 2008 @ 11:30 pm
My night of t.v.  
Supernatural and Lost.

Oh. My. God.

BON JOVI. "Wanted Dead or Alive." And Dean doing it for Sammy who's all into it (and man, I hope and pray that Padalecki is one of the five actors under 40 who is NOT part of a band. Just sayin'). And then Dean... stops and realizes what he's singing about. *gulp* perfectly played.

Bobby! *squishes him* I know Samantha Ferris is busy and all, but could we have Ellen back next year at least once?

And Ruby being tricky, but Dean trickier. Yes! And Dean finally stepping up and saying No, Sam, it ends here. (not that it will, cuz Sam SO gonna be going after him)

Am I sad that I'm watching and thinking how Roaol is going to cower in terror from Lillith? *snerk* /TWOP ref.

And gah, ending. Even though I expected Dean to die, the Hellhound part got to me. And what did Sam DO? It looked like Lillith was trying to suck him dry but it backfired really spectacularly, maybe? Or Sam was shielded somehow? Whatever. we'll find out, I'm sure.


(spoilers for Lost part one of the finale below)

(just keep scrolling)

(just keep scrolling)

(sort of like Dory in Finding Nemo -- just keep swimming, just keep swimming)



okay, maybe not the end. But she rocked the house down, bringing it on Daddy Paik. Allied with Ben against Widmore, too, like Sayid? because she said she blamed someone else, and really, gotta be Widmore, I think. he's the one who sent the freighter full of killers to the Island.

Michelle Forbes as the Oceanic spokesperson. She wasn't around for like five years and now she's suddenly everywhere. Did she change her agent or something? Weird. Good, but weird.

Charlotte's subplot must've gotten cut by the strike because so far, I'm not seeing a lot of reason for her character. Unless her entire purpose was to get out the fact of the Polar Bear to Tunisia. Which is entirely possible.

I loved how the pieces really are moving into place. Jack finds out about Claire and you could SEE a little bit of him crumble away. Well done, MF.

We see the O6 arriving in Hawaii (heh, I've been on that runway), and family reunions that are sweet. A bit bittersweet for Sayid, since we know Nadia dies, but still, cute. Especially Hurley's.

But who are the extra two who die on the island for the cover story? I had thought Jin and Claire to explain the babies, but, no. Michael and Walt perhaps? Why not just those six survived from the get-go? questions, questions...

LOVE the look between Juliet and Sayid deciding to trust Daniel or not. They really ARE the only two people with the common sense of a goldfish sometimes.

I'm feeling a bit nervous (okay a lot nervous) about Jin. HE CANNOT DIE. eep. WHY, DDK, did you get a DUI,dumb ass, were the others not object lesson enough???? And just when he finally gets to be able to speak English once in a while!

Zipacna, dude, you look much better without a basket on your head. yes. heh. Cracks me up everytime I see Keamy - which is sort of unfortunate since he's supposed to be pretty menacing. But, well, BASKET ON HIS HEAD. *snicker* (and really Zipacna in 'Summit' was not nearly so stupidly costumed, but I can't get past THE BASKET)


Allison: Helo - Sad facefrolicndetour on May 16th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
WHY, DDK, did you get a DUI,dumb ass, were the others not object lesson enough???? And just when he finally gets to be able to speak English once in a while!

... He did? Frak, it's all over then. NOES!
lizardbeth: Jinlizardbeth_j on May 16th, 2008 07:48 am (UTC)
YES HE DID, the idjit. I know Darlton were joking about it in a recent interview, but I don't know if that indicates the curse is broken, or they already knew Jin was dead so it was funny.

HE IS TOO HOT TO DIE!!!!!! I'll just cling to the hope he's alive on the island with everybody else....

OO, nice Tahmoh icon. *covets*
Allison: Kara/Helo - You crazy?frolicndetour on May 16th, 2008 07:59 am (UTC)
*clings to hope*

Take it if you want it! It's by reyesphile