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18 March 2008 @ 01:12 pm
Tok'ra Part One  
My recap for redial_the_gate is HERE . There are rhyming couplets!

Clearly I was way too tired last night :)

Just wait until I do my Sam/Martouf SHIP OF DOOOOOOOMM! meta in a few days. I'd love to do it seriously, since it's one of my actual ships, but I think I'm too tired to actually think about it. Maybe if I promise myself I'll do a real meta on it later....

I grabbed my BSG S.3 DVDs this morning, haven't even taken the plastic off yet.

And my JONAS QUINN action figure arrived, WOOT! It actually looks like Corin, so yay for decent likenesses.

One of these days when it's not "vacation", I'll have to do some sort of action figure theater with all my guys.