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01 September 2005 @ 11:01 pm
MRI, Jeremiah, and Randomness  
Never had an MRI before, and after today I am all kinds of sympathy for the poor SG-teams who have to have one each time they come back through the gate. It's a big, loud, claustrophobic, LOUD, clanking, did I mention loud?, machine. They were scanning my head to make sure my migraines aren't anything more serious, like, you know, a brain tumor or something. I didn't used to get them before I got pregnant, then -- whoa. So, use that birth control, girls, because the consequences aren't necessarily always the obvious ones.

I just spent an hour downloading Jeremiah screencaps from gallifreygal in the pursuit of some pics to use for a Stargate/Jeremiah novel that I'm writing with Lori. I downloaded way more than I needed. Sigh. I blame Peter Stebbings overload for a mushy brain. To think I didn't really find him all that hot at first. I liked him as Malek, and then went through Jeremiah and really liked him as Markus. He's definitely grown on me (writing fic about his characters really hasn't helped any, I'm sure). Although I think it was the bare feet and awe-inspiring snarkiness in the torture scene in the Season 2 opener that did it for me. But I was virtuous and I didn't get only pics of him -- nope, I was actually on a hunt for some more obscure characters who play a part in our monstrosity. We figured that Stargate people would be our most likely readers and they probably weren't going to know any of the Jeremiah characters, so we would do an illustrated version. That's the idea anyway, we'll see how well we can carry it out.

We are looking for a beta who knows Jeremiah and can make sure we haven't gone totally OOC. if anyone is reading this and would like to find out more, let me know.

I think Stebbings should play a biocylon on Battlestar Galactica. That would be so frelling cool. He's got that "prophet/leader" thing down, and would make an awesome cylon agent in the fleet, trying to convert the humans to the Cylon monotheism. There are obviously people in the fleet ripe for someone to give them all the answers. And the only one who would possibly suspect him would be Baltar, since he'd have heard the same thing from Six. Anyway, I keep hoping PS'll appear, since apparently some of the same casting people are involved between Jeremiah and Galactica given the cast overlap.

In addition to the major project, I've also been slowly adding to the sequel to "Going Home", tentatively named "The Road to Tartarus". With a name like that, you'd probably guess it's not very fluffy, and you'd be right. I know where it's going, but man, is it dark. Sex, torture, and angst-galore. Unfortunately it's even less SG-1-based than "Going Home" was, since most of it is going to be Malek (Asheron) and Baal. Sam's role is very important, of course, but they get separated. Poor Asheron finds out that Baal knows all the right buttons to push. That's what happens when the person who knows you best in the entire galaxy is a Goa'uld. Not a good idea. Season 8 in this particular AU is going to play out quite a bit differently.

I always end up writing AU's. I suppose that's because I always want to know what happens next, and what happens next in even my short things is not usually what happens next in canon. Or maybe it's because I write so slowly, canon has long since passed me by!
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