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02 November 2007 @ 09:52 am
I have seen this theory wandering about on the nets today and wanted to try to think it through.

No spoilers beyond 3.05 please. Feel free to speculate/poke holes with me, but I don't want to know if I'm right or wrong.

That Sam is the 'boss' who holds the contract on Dean's soul.

"Who has it?" Sam asked his girlfriend
*pause* "I can't tell you."

And though I didn't like her as much as the other Crossroads demon actress(es), props to Sandy for making that really sound like "can't" rather than "won't". Because it's forbidden - by Demon!Sam himself, Lucifer (or the two combined), or in Azazel's name, perhaps, before he was destroyed?

Now, this COULD explain things: (assuming no one is outright lying, of course)

First, the emphasis on the "Did Sam come back wrong?" which is either gonna end up YES, or Dean's gonna think he did. (because brother v. brother finale? Coming our way)

Ruby has claimed she can free Dean, but it's going to take some doing on Sam's part. But we now know that a higher-level demon holds Dean's contract. So it's not as simple as Ruby pulling some inner-demon trade or soul stock-swap or whatever, when Sam finally does whatever it is she wants. Either she is connected to that higher-power, or she IS that higher power, or her claim is a total lie. (mind you, it COULD be a lie. In a world where demons really existed or even in a book, it probably would be, but this is t.v. and I don't think the arc is plotted so tightly that they can build this, pointing one direction and have it serve the arc in a totally different way in the end.) So taking her claim as true (no matter how shaded), she has SOME influence over the outcome of Dean's year.

And it seems clear to me that she's trying to pull him down some shady path, bringing out his darker instincts. Is it because she wants to free the inner-demon in Sam? And if she does, will he have the ability to release the contract or not, if he chooses? (and if he's evil, is he gonna want that? methinks, the idea is NO)

If Ruby frees the inner-Sam-demon, then I'd guess she's hoping for a little gratitude from him, when he takes over. And she's gonna need it, because her kind are less than happy with her. So this seems like it's quite a risk for her, to be actively helping Sam do things like fix the Colt and use her special knife. There's gotta be some as great measureable pay-off...


We know from Casey that Lucifer is at the top of the demon hierarchy. But a lower level demon like her didn't even have proof that he existed, holding him in the same distant reverence that mortals have for God. The fact that she had never seen Lucifer, seems like a big-ole clue that it's going to be SOMEONE we know (although I don't think it really should matter, since demons can take whatever host bodies on Earth they want to. Not to mention, I should think the second most powerful force in the universe could manage to hide himself from lesser demons)

Casey also said she had been willing to serve Sam (presumably she also followed Azazel in some fashion as well, since he was the main instigator of the Demon Kid Survivor game show).

Ruby's clearly a powerful player. She doesn't fear the lesser ones like Casey or the Seven Sins at all. is she operating on Lucifer's behalf? (I don't think she IS Lucifer -- though I've seen that idea around too) Trying to get Sammy to take up his destiny and conquer Earth for him? But you'd think that if she was a direct agent, the other demons would show her more respect, even if they're not going to follow her. But if she's so freakin' powerful and connected, what does she need Sam for? Unless he's (a) more powerful, or (b) he can be a general, where she can't, because none of her kind will follow her.

heh. Maybe she has a THING about helping the humans defeat her own kind, trying to gain advantage. I can see how that wouldn't win her a lot of friends among demon kind...

So maybe Lucifer really is a distant source, not taking a direct hand in things even through a servant like Ruby. The other demons scramble around at his feet, seeking their own power. Most of the lesser ones seem content with the small stuff; they don't seem to have a lot of ambition or decent organizational skills (for which Earth can be grateful - yay for the incompetence of evil). It's only climbing the hierarchy that we get Azazel and his long-range plans; and Ruby and her Sam Agenda.

And, that was rather stream-of-consciousness, sorry. :)

Any thoughts?
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