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21 October 2007 @ 09:53 pm
We went to see Blade Runner: the Super-Duper-We-Really-Mean-It-I'm-Done-Now Final Cut edition in the movie theater!


Just cutting for length, because I go on and on about it. :)

*happy sigh*

The clean print is beautiful. If you have the old DVD release(s) and you love the movie, get the new version for the restoration. Really, it's worth it. The colors are brighter, the blacks deeper, and I think (though I'm not entirely sure) they redid some of the FX altogether. At least cleaned them up.

The sound mix is better, in full surround, with the dialogue less muffled.

The scene selection is basically the Director's Cut. I'd have to look at a list or the two versions side by side to remember the difference. But it's definitely closer to the Director's Cut with no voice over, and the implication that Deckard is a replicant himself. I've read one review which says that it's "clear" - that's not true. It's implied, but you can choose to read against that, I think.

Watching EJO in a movie about robots so close to human they basically are, is ... a bit surreal now. And William Sanderson looks almost exactly the same -- how does he do that?

But really, Blade Runner has got one of the single best created worlds in film, IMO The set decoration, FX, mattes, costuming, extras - it all creates this real world. I see new stuff in it every time I watch it - so much detail in such a little package.

Plus, it's a Los Angeles film, using LA locations, and that's always cool. :)

I don't know how much better the DVD will look on a t.v. vs. the old DVDs, but I can tell you for certain that on a big screen, this print is far superior. I can't recommend it enough for fellow fans who might be wavering on buying the new version.

AND it's coming out in high-def. ooo, if only...